George MacDonald Fraser dies. (OT)

John the Monkey

Frivolous Cyclist
There was a good obit (written by Max Hastings) in the Daily Mail (was readig the local chippy's copy). As a big fan of the Flashman books, I was saddened to read of his passing - he had the knack for writing a great tale with a good pinch of historical accuracy thrown in. I didn't know he'd served in the second world war under General Slim (and written of his experiences) so I'll be looking those books out at some point.
A great author and historian gone, while one or two of his books were not as funny as he intended, he was among the best. His Flashman books opened up a whole new world to me, his history of the Border Reivers has led to thirty years of exploring the Northern countys and I learnt more about Carlisle from"Quartered Safe Out Here" than I could from a dozen other books.
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