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Hey guys,
This summer I’m riding from Germany to the Nordkap, via Sweden and Norway.

I’m 21 years old and And a German guy. I’ll ride pretty sporty, but I want to live the freedom and enjoy my route aswell.

Anybody open and want to join me?
Or is anybody open and want to share some places one has to see on the route?

I’m open for everything and looking forward to hear from you :smile:

My plan is to ride from Germany to Nordkapp this summer in the time of July to October.

And my question is:
Are there places one HAD to see during the tour?
It doesn’t really matter, if these places are in Sweden or in Norway.

Yes, I’ve been looking for sights on the internet and some of them were:
-Atlantic street
And some else...

Maybe some of you already made a tour like this, or even live in such a country or nearby.
I would be happy about every message and every tip!!

Thanks in advance
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You can find the writeup of my 2016 tour here: . It included N Germany to North Cape. Not very geradeaus in southern Norway, but no worse for that.

And here's the blog of a Belgian Koen I met several times on my trip. He avoided southern Norway by travelling via southern Sweden.

Immer weiter.

John S.


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Guten Tag John,

Thank you very much for your reply!
You got a nice blog!
It’s nice to read and besides that, it actually helps me really good!

Would you like to tell me, if the hundreds of hundreds of meter upwards are worth it?
And in what months did you travel? It looks pretty cold and snowy...


Findan K.


Most of the climbing I did was in the south, so if you're going via Sweden you'd probably miss that, although there would presumably be climbing between Sweden and Norway. Further north the roads (or road - there often isn't a choice) stick to the coast so there isn't much climbing.

I arrived in Norway on 18th May and got to Nordkapp on June 26th - my aim was to get there close to midsummer and enjoy 24-hour daylight. Even though there was snow, that was nearly all above 900m asl, and it was pleasantly warm in the sun. The sun was melting the snow as fast as it could, but it takes some time to melt 8 months' worth of snowfall, so it looks colder than it was. I was in shorts and sandals every day. The coldest was at 2:00 am in the Lofotens when I rode into the "night". Even though it was still daylight, the sun had been just above the horizon for several hours,

One tip:
- make sure you have plenty of spare capacity for carrying a couple of days worth of food. Shops can be few and far between, even in southern Sweden.
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