Germany v Australia..


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Cliches I know but 'hard working' and 'efficient' spring to mind. No 4 being slipped into the net as I type.


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Cartainly a German masterclass, Klose should have had at least 3
Gasman said:
Quiet tonight, isn't it?

With the vuvuzela? Are you deaf?
potsy said:
Either the hangover from yesterday,or everyone's in bed as it's a 'school night' tomorrow:biggrin:

No...I've been working all day but did manage to get to the messroom to see Germany 2-0 up and a red card being issued.:ohmy:


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3-1. With Harry Kewell playing against the orders of his club, and scoring two goals, iirc.

they were pants, though, and having their best player sent off meant that Germany could play the second half at walking pace.

So, England's Germany or Ghana (or an early flight home). Doesn't look good...
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