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Isle of Wight
About this time next week Me and a mate should have just picked up another friend from Ashford International who is travelling down from the Midlands. We'll then carry on to the Eurotunnel terminal, ready to catch the 23.50 shuttle to Calais. 11 hours later we should be 629 miles further south in a village called Boulbon, about 10 miles south-west of Avignon. That will be the start of a week of fantastic cycling in Provence, including a ride up the legendary Mont Ventoux.

Just like to record my thanks to all those on this forum who have advised me on potential routes and places to ride to.

young Ed

i'm pretty close to ashford international, although couldn't join for a few hours as i'm flat out working here. anyway best of luck and most importantly enjoy your selves!
Cheers Ed
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