Getting fitter


I think you will be an ectomorph, im a mesamorph,if my memory serves,which it sometimes doesnt :eek: these are terms used for body types,metabolism speeds ect,i just have to look at a cream cake and i put the weight on,you may have a naturaly fast metabolism so you burn up what you eat more effectively,i on the other hand dont :blush:


Smutmaster General
Actually, looking at wikipedia on somatotypes, I think i'm more pf a mesomorph... cos I'm slim, but fairly muscly too, and though I do put weight on, I can lose it easily, too....


What to eat


Eating correctly is about knowing the different food groups, carbs, proteins, fibre, sugars, fats, etc. I suggest, if your a bit lost with this to learn a few foods for each and build your knowledge as you go.

just need to correct you there is no food group called sugars, sugar is part of carbohydrates.


Fast and careful!
I cut out bread and ate porridge with dried fruits like cranberries and prunes ,then a salad of chicken cous cous and humous and other pulses ,some fresh oily fish,plenty of fruit for 3 months with exercise I lost 40 lb a bit of muscle wastage but have gained that back with riding, I now eat more carbs but still like my complex carbs for exercise,diet is all about habit and understanding what your body needs,if you try to skip meals your body will try and store the food it does get,and that's no good either,so eat regular and often and right,hunger pang always subside!
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