Getting good colour rendition for Ebay adverts?


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Have a look at this dress that Mrs Gti is flogging on Ebay:

As she says, the closest colour rendition is in the detail shot of the neck. Obviously to women the colour matters and she has already had a couple of queries on this point. I tried setting the camera on the "party" setting, which seemed to give the best rendition when it saw only the dress but in the other shots where the camera sees door and wall the colour is terrible.

Any hints on this?
Now we know what size your wife is...:wacko:


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I wouldn't stress yourself too much about it. No-one places too much faith in the colour rendition anyway - it's impossible, given how much monitors vary - even before people start fiddling with the settings to suit their preferences. Between them, they give a reasonable impression - anyone who expects 'accuracy' needs to go shopping.


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Google Picasa is a very good piece of image manipulation software thats very easy to use.
You could try over exagerating the saturation with that and seeing if the uploaded result is more representative of the true colour.


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It wouldn't fit me... :smile:
Size 8 would fit me fine. As a leg warmer. :sad:
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