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Hi all,

I'm looking at getting into racing as I want to push myself, however I'm a little stuck as to where to start. I assume that most people that are posting in this section are currently taking part in races so any advice would be grateful!!


I would think, finding a good local club would be a good starting point. Im sure there will be someone there who will point you in the right direction.


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N Ireland
I got into racing this year and did so via the route suggested by addictfreak.

I joined the elite chaingang from my local club to get used to fast riding in a bunch and have now done some club TT's and races. It has gone well and is good fun.


+1 for all the advice above.

Joining a club is always good (it can be easier to race with an affiliation than as a private). They'll also most likely have some time-trialling going on which is a good way to test yourself.

Chaingangs are an ideal starting point for testing your ability to ride at speed in a group.

TLI's are a good introduction to racing as they are usually handicapped and have a fairly relaxed atmosphere (and you don't need a BC license).

Crits can be good, though hard work, for getting your bike handling skills up to speed without having to worry about oncoming traffic, junctions, road furniture etc.

Good luck.

Racing is great fun and you'll wonder why you didn't come to it sooner!
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