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giant bikes

Discussion in 'Beginners' started by The Jogger, 19 May 2008.

  1. The Jogger

    The Jogger Guru

    I had good news today, I don't have to go near hellfords for my cycle to work scheme bike. so I went to a lbs near work. he asked a few questions and recommended a giant crs 2.5 fs, full mudgaurds etc. anybody know anything about these bikes? are they any good , forcommute along country roads.
  2. Fab Foodie

    Fab Foodie hanging-on in quiet desperation ...

    Hi Jogger, good news indeed!

    Justr had a look at the Giant. Looks absolutely peachy for a commute. Frame will be fine, Cr-Moly forks add to the comfort factor (waaay better than cheap & nasty suspension systems, the 35c tyres will have a nice mix of speed and comfort especially over slightly imperfect rural roads, the drive-train and stopping system is basic, proven and reliable and the addiotion of full mudguards is just the ticket.

    Giant aren't the worlds biggest bike maker for nothing... quality machines with excellent VFM.
    Try before you buy and make sure you are happy with the 'Fit' of the bike.
  3. The Jogger

    The Jogger Guru

  4. k-dog

    k-dog New Member

    I would go for the cheaper one - the front suspension will not give you any advantage for commuting - and the added weight and bobbing around are a disadvantage.
  5. funnymummy

    funnymummy A Dizzy M.A.B.I.L

    Hi Jogger
    I recomended Southdowns in a previous post, their servis is excellent & they do know their stuff
    I also bought a Giant from them http://southdownsbikes.com/products.php?plid=m1b0s18p3564
    So far i've clocked nearly 1500 miles on it, most of which pulling my kids in a trailer & at least 1/4 of those miles have been 'off road' - I reckon my bikes taken a some serious stick & it's still as good as new - IMO you can't go far wrong with a Giant
  6. The Jogger

    The Jogger Guru

    Hi thanks for the advice, yes funny, I did see your earlier post, thats where I got th idea to look there.