Giant contend sl1 vs Triban 520


I will be looking to buy my first road bike come spring time. I am interested in both the stated models. I bought a Giant hybrid in September last year and have already clocked more than 500 miles however I am keen to get a road bike to go faster and further. I appreciate the Giant is almost double the price of the Triban and wonder whether the extra outlay is worth it for what you get.

I would be keen to hear everyone’s views. Many thanks in advance.


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The Triban has a rep for great VfM but there have been stories of trouble replacing tyres.
The Contend has had some great reviews and should be an excellent bike. If you have a limited budget and are willing to put up with the Triban's shortcomings buy it but if you can afford the extra for the Giant get that. I don't think you'll be disappointed with either.
Personally I'd be rather concerned at the lack of spokes in the Contend's wheels :whistle:


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I'd get the Giant I have the Triban RC520 and had to get a new set of wheels because the stock ones make it nearly impossible to change a tyre.


I had an older alloy Defy, which I think the Contend morphed into and I've also got a Carbon Defy with 105 and they're great bikes.

You won't be disappointed and the latest 105 groupset is excellent, wonderful choice.
I almost brought a contend - what put me off was the tyre size is limited to 25c with MG'S. I think the triban has an element of gravel bike in it - where as the contend leans more towards road/race.

I had an alu giant defy - which I think the contend the now is - it was a brilliant bike for the money.


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I have a deposit on a Contend SL2 disc, should be here in April.
Can’t wait, been looking and trying since March......


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Neither. Reckon the Ribble Endurance AL disc would be a better bet, better value and is somewhere between the Triban and Giant. Option when ordering to upgrade the brakes too...


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