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Hiya. My Giant Fastroad E+ roadbike (MEDIUM framesize) has sat unridden for some time, so I've decided to sell her. I bought her 2nd hand with around 800 miles on the clock, and in the past year I've added a bit more, so she's now done 1481 miles. She had a full service at Don Valley Cycles 100 miles ago, and is in excellent condition. No marks or scratches to speak of, except for the dual sided flat/spd Shimano pedals which were from another bile. Extras include Marathon Plus tyres front and rear, a nice strong rear rack, a blackburn mirror, and full length mudguards. All ready for commuting which is what I bought her for. It comes with the 409wh (11360mAh) battery, and ONE key. It came with both, but for the life of me, I can't find the spare. If I do, I'll obviously include it, but I'd rather just say it comes with the one key. Wouldn't cost much to have another cut, but I've always just charged it on the bike anyway. The battery lasted around 80 miles on my 25 mile round trip commute when I used her so I tended to charge it every other commute. If I had to estimate, it's had around 30 or so charges and still holds its charge as when I acquired the bike.

I also have a 'Badass 4' box, which lifts the 15.5 mph restriction upto 27-28 mph. I used it a couple of times, but found that when fitted it's impossibe not to use, and I wasn't getting any workout, which is my main reason for commuting by bike! I'll include it in the sale for the full price, but will seperately if not wanted.

My reason for selling? Well, I'm quite fit, and I use my recumbent trike for work, so the Fastroad just doesn't get the use to justify keeping it. I also need the space as I'm already looking for my next machine!

Priced £2,200 when new, I'm looking for £1250 ono for a quick sale.

Cheers, Carl.


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