Giant Seek 3 2011 wheel bearings?

Does anybody know if these are a cartidge or a free race? (that sounds like a line from a Mel Gibson film)

Being a wally, I decided to use the rain to give the bike a good service. On taking the cones out to re-grease I expected to see a sealed cartridge as that's what seems to be described on the web for the Formula hubs on the seek 3. What I found was a few loose bearings and no sign of what could be a cage for them.

I've lifted a couple out (okay, I picked them up when they fell on the floor) to take to the LBS to get some new ones while I've got it in bits. These ones have done about 3000 miles with 18st+ of me plonked on top.


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Simple way. The 'cones' - on loose bearings (you don't have cages in wheels) the 'cone' will have a very obvious bearing race on it - a polished section shaped at an angle. If cartridge bearing, the cone will be flat edged as it just butts up to the inner race of the cartridge unit to take out pre-load. If the bearings are coming out, then it's cup/cone.
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