Giff gaff Vs sky mobile?


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As a sky TV customer I get unlimited texts and calls +1 gig if data for £6 a month, currently using giff gaff and for the same price the data is half with capped calls and texts.i hardly use any calls and texts but do use the data at work to browse etc at break times.
Has anyone any experience with both networks so I can compare the bandwidth and coverage? I know officially they are on 02 .
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My GiffGaff has just gone up by 50p to £8.00 per month for my 2gig 250 & 250 package.
Quite happy with the service, and that I can raise or lower the data requirements on a month by month basis, if I want. No annual contract, either.

Not used Sky Mobile, so can't comment on the differences.

Edit: on my iPhone, I kept going over the 2gb, but on Sony Android, for the same, if not more, usage, I only get through 1.5 gig a month.


Giff gaff charge extra if you send a picture in a text which isn't covered by the standard goody bag fee which can add up.....
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