Giordana Tenax Carbon Donna Shorts

Fiona N

As there are so often calls for advice on shorts, I thought it was worth a quick mention of these lovely ladies lycra racing-style shorts. Usually I'm a confirmed Gore Bike Wear fan but these were a bit different.

I'm pretty fussy when it comes to cycle shorts.
a) Good quality lycra but not gossamer thin (Assos comes to mind here).
:troll: I want a good defined elasticated or drawstring waist - none of those loose unadjustable band affairs which just slide down because my waist is quite a few inches smaller than my hips. The makers seem to think a band which doesn't grip is the same as a band which doesn't dig in and this may be OK for women whose waists are roughly the same as their hips - i.e. boyish build - but isn't for everyone.
c) leg grippers - obvious really. Occasionally a pair of shorts is long enough and shapely enough to stay put but this is pretty rare so some sort of gripper is essential IMO.
d) length - if I want shorts with a 2 inch inseam to maximise my tan, I can by triathlon gear but, I reckon for most cycling purposes, 4 inches is a good minimum.
e) as minimalist a cut as is compatible with 6 or 8 panels for a good fit. I certainly don't want sewn in strips across the thighs which just irritate and pull the fabric awkwardly as I stretch the lycra over my non-model thighs.
f) a good fitting slim pad which extends far enough back to cushion my sit bones rather than providing a hard edge to sit on (makers often seem to get this wrong, especially in larger sizes).

Any useful reflective bits (i.e. back of the waist is not useful - how often do you cycle in the dark without a jersey/jacket of some description) are a bonus as is availability in red :troll:

Well, the Giordana Tenax Carbon Donna shorts perform well in all categories (except availability in red). They are made with real world women in mind with sizes up to 16. If you're of the curvier type, they're well worth a look. The fit is for me absolutely spot on; the pad is really good (I've previously found this with the Body Clone Donna winter tights) and the lycra heavy enough to smooth out the lumps and bumps very flatteringly.
They've been really excellent on a couple of 100km rides so far and are particularly compatible with Selle Italia women's saddles which they seem to grip - no sliding around as I've found with other shiny shorts.
While not the cheapest - just shy of £50, depending on outlet - the quality is very obviously there. Previous experience with Giordana clothing leads me to expect them to last well too.
Next thing you know, I'll be buying the white ones too ;)
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