girls and punctures!

hi ladies. i have gone through the puncture routine with my husband. yes i can take off the wheel and replace the inner tube or patch it up with one of those lovely sticky things and although i hate to get my hands dirty felt quite proud to achieve this great task only to be totally let down (literally)
there is no way in the world i can pump the tyres up with a hand pump to significant pressure.
now i am no fatima whitbread but nor am i a weakling. so girls or boys , when out on the road how do you overcome this ?


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its possible to get small folding track pumps im sure these would work for u


Join a gym and work those biceps and forearms.

Or, if you have a schrader valve (car type), pedal / roll your bike to the nearest petrol station and use theirs.


Yes, track pumps are the type that stand on the floor. Use both your hands on a long handle and use your upper body weight to pump downwards.

They gets more power into your pump as you're not relying on arm strength alone.

Google it and you'll see.


Try a Topeak Mountain or Road Morph or Lezyne Micro Floor pump. I've got the latter and got my tyres up to 90 psi without a problem. It's easier on the hands if you keep you cycling gloves on.


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The thing I like best about track pumps (apart from their ease of use) is the fact that it's just like being Wyle E. Coyote out of Roadrunner. I always imagine that I'm literally blowing something up when I use one. However I live in a psychedelic fantasy world and the pixies in my head are amused by that sort of thing.


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I've got the Topeak Road Morph - although I'm considering getting the mini version of it as well... (Mr Summerdays stole one of my pumps when he tried using his and found it was rubbish).

If I needed to use it on the road as long as it inflated it to a reasonable amount I would be pleased - I have the track pump at home for inflating properly.


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rich p said:
The hardest part for womenfolfk ( and menfolk too!) is getting the blinking tyre back onto a tight rim.
I agree with that ... and the sense of accomplishment when I did succeed. I've different levers to help ... soma ones with metal in and those strange named ones that I can't remember.


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Ah, but this is where girlies ought to be better because talc is the best natural dry lubricant for rubber. A little talc sprinkled on the bead of the tyre makes all the difference.

If you haven't got unperfumed talc I guess a baby talc would smell better on your bike than something expensive and floral or oriental!

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So what pressure are you achieving and what sort of bike/tyres given that you need a working pressure to get you home rather than full operating pressure.
And why did they stop making kits with chalk and abrasive strips !!! Well most of them. Yet still advise you to use them in the instructions.
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