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Not sure how I feel about this, being my dad and all, but he asked if we had a "spare" bike he could borrow as he fancied having a go to keep fit. Last night we gave him my old Giant ladies bike, steel frame, 24 speed. Mr BP gave it a once-over making sure it was clean & lubed etc (my mum referred to it as "greasing the cellar steps"!!)

Anyway, he has been for a pootle today, about a mile and said he quite enjoyed it and will be off again tomorrow, a little further. My dad is 61 and has been reasonably active all his life, I just hope that he doesn't fall off, or worse still, get knocked off as he pootles along. I'll have to dig a helmet out for him...(lights blue touch paper..) I can see me taking him on some quiet off-road route that isn't too energetic with a cake stop at the end!

Next step will be to introduce him to the CCers!


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*Cough* some of us are in our fifties and don't fall off so why would a bloke aged 61 fall off?

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Nah - if he falls off that's his responsibility. He's 61 and ought to be able to make his own choices by now. Although a few tips on how to manage the motons would be helpful.

Anyway - nice one BP. Keep him at it and get him fit. He'll be burning you off his back wheel before long :angry:
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