Glasgow 100


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Not sure if anyone is interested in this, not sure I am anyway! Bit expensive for my liking, though out of all the sportives etc it's probably the most suitable location-wise for me, as I know part of the route and I can easily get there without transport worries.
Too expensive for me

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Guys, £ 50.00 for a day out on the bike, food included, mechanical support, even a medal, is not expensive imo.
No way I could do 100 km, for those who can it could be fun with no worries of being left broken down in some remote place by yourself.


I am on those roads so regularly that £50 is too steep to justify.

The action medical sportives are for a good cause, well run with generally good routes but for me they are too expensive to consider doing again when some of the 'competition' like the Drumlanrig Tearfund can put on a great sportive too and all they ask for is a donation (whether it be £10 or £1000)
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