GMTV - bike licencing poll


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gambatte said:
Insulting piece of garbage...but

pink section, lower left of screen

Just voted - 'No' so far at 60%+

Idiots, voted cheers Gambatte


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Best thing is, I was watching the section on the program itself. They had the old dear on, along with Mr Geffen (sp?) from the CTC.

Both of them were saying licencing/registration was NOT the way to go.

So which prat dreamt up the polll question???


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I voted No but sometimes think if it would stop motorists moaning I would do it... however I doubt it would.... and if they can't stop all the cars jumping red, not registered, insured etc, how will they cope with all the cyclists too.


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Of course, one could vote many times from the same computer should one delete the cookies from one's computer. But not that I in anyway recommend multiple voting.


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The police confirm they cannot verify the barking baroness's claim. She made it up to get on telly.


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Voted no, cant understand why they dreamt up such a stupid scheme. What about my MTB's they never go on the road, will I end up paying road tax for some of the worst facilities going? Feck off GMTV.


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Voted against it too. Hasn't the Baronness just admitted assaulting a cyclist? Why isn't she being prosecuted? Idiot woman.

She says she's been endangered 3 times recently by cyclists. Well lucky her, on an average commute many (particularly London) cyclists would experience numerous dangerous manoeuvres by motorists but hey they don't count do they. So annoying. What about all those peds who just wander into the road without looking, aren't they just as dangerous and inconsiderate? Why not give £60 penalty notices to jay walking peds?


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In fairness lots of peds do get near misses and quite a few get hit by cyclists going through crossings and lights, so this reaction is not surprising. License plates won't fix the problem though.

And LOGAN 4 - pedestrians don't jaywalk in the UK, they have just as much right to use the public highway as we do, and rightly so. I'd hate to see a law like that introduced, it would make us far too much like America.


totally agree with BM. Cyclists must obey the rules of the road meaning red lights, ped crossings, the lot. But someone who takes the law into their own hands, especially someone supposedly responsible for making the laws, isn't right either. The alleged incident happened at least three weeks ago, talk about a non-news story.
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