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Arch said:
A bit earlier than that. The day goes:

Leave home - 8.15ish
Get to 'work' - 8.25ish

Much like my day Arch except that I start @ 09:45 and finish @ 17:45. I then have a 'compulsary' 30 minute remote login session sometime after 21:00 and before 07:00 next morning to carry out some daily IT jobs before the others arrive.

I get away with forumming during the day by claiming to check network connectivity and performance on behalf of the company.

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Arch said:
Well, I've heard of pasta (macaroni) being cooked in a pudding, in milk, like rice pudding, so you could make that chocolate milk I guess...

It's funny, I love rice savory, but never liked rice pudding - the texture I think. But I've come to like porridge which I didn't used to, so maybe I should try rice pudding again...

Chocolate flavoured pasta though.... Hmmmm..... Actually, a proper chilli con carne can include cocoa, so it might just work with a spicy sauce...
Strangely I'd never come across the pasta milk pud until I met my now mother-in-law. It's OK but I prefer a good rice pud. Pop round to chez 26x25 and I'll do you a special. :biggrin::biggrin: Don't forget one can flavour the rice pud with whatever takes your fancy :ohmy:(within reason of course :ohmy:
And porridge - I don't cook mine anymore - just add milk and let it stand for a little while. Much tastier that way I think. :biggrin: Bit tough tho' if one uses rolled oats.
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