Go on . . . gissa job!

Discussion in 'CycleChat Cafe' started by Dayvo, 21 Jan 2008.

  1. Dayvo

    Dayvo Just passin' through

    Just received an email from my boss at work saying that they're doing away with me and my mate's services this summer (after 4 and 7 years respectively), in order to employ cheap Polish labour at the golf course, instead! :angry:
    A bit of a bummer, but it isn't going to spoil my holiday. ;)

    Something will turn up! :angry:
  2. sheddy

    sheddy Guru

    Time to turn Pro. It can't be that hard (can it ?)
  3. rich p

    rich p ridiculous old lush

    Course it will, geddit?

    Will you stay in Scandinavia or follow that leggy Russian back to her dacha?
  4. Chuffy

    Chuffy Veteran

    Isn't that constructive dismissal? If the job still exists then you can't just be disposed of to make way for cheaper labour. If it's that clearcut then you may have some recourse to law (assuming Swedish labour laws are similar to ours).

    Paging Patrick Stevens!
  5. twentysix by twentyfive

    twentysix by twentyfive Clinging on tightly

    Over the Hill
    Dayvo - off to Poland with you to do what the Poles aren't doing cos they're all over Europe........
  6. Cathryn

    Cathryn California Correspondant

    You poor thing...how awful!! And by EMAIL???
  7. Keith Oates

    Keith Oates Janner

    Penarth, Wales
    Not a good way to start the New Year Davyo, but having talked with you something in the translation field would be a good place to start looking!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. OP

    Dayvo Just passin' through

    Sheddy! I only cut the grass, not butcher it. :angry:

    rich p! I follow the girl along the beach (pity I didn't have a helmet cam! :ohmy::tongue:), Russia might be a bit too far, though!

    Chuffy! Yeah, I'll check out the legal position on my return.

    26x25! Yeah, why not! Polish girls are nearly as fit charming as Russian girls. :tongue:

    Cathryn! I get knocked down ...but I get up again. Plenty of time now to make that meet up in the spring.

    Keith! There's a translator's job going at an embassy in Stockholm. Sounds good, but working indoors, regular hours, possibly with a shirt and tie. :ohmy:xx( The Embassy of not vey glamourous Eithiopia! :wacko:
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