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Chandler's Ford
Always thought of this chain as a big impersonal warehouse for outdoor kit.
Used to go occasionally to the Wakefield one when I worked for a Yorkshire based co. as useful for camping type stuff.
They just opened a store in Millbrook, Southampton (in the old B&Q premises)
Very well laid out and easy to find stuff (not always the case with some of their older stores.)
Amongst other things was looking at rucksacs for my daughter for her Duke of Edinburgh expeditions. Approach of shop assistant, heart sinks when she says they have a special section for D of E, but actually she was fantastic, really knew her stuff. Must have spent nearly 45 minutes with us, showing us all the different features, adjusting back length on half the rucksacs in the shop.....Ironically after all that, we ended up with cheapest one in the place £24.99 which fit as as good as one costing £135 !

Was thoroughly impressed !

Thought most of the bike stuff was overpriced... but did buy a set of these at same price as Wiggle.

Thumbs up too for Vavert - their packaging of hand grips is "hinged" so you can swing the grips out and try them in the hand without opening up the pack.


We use the one in Loughborough quite often. Got a BBQ reduced by £102 which kinda made paying £4 for the discount card ok.


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Remember they also beat prices plus 10%, I used this on a Granit lock and got it several pounds cheaper than anywere I could find on the net.
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