Going for the double up !

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    Richmond ,Surrey
    On the miles that is !

    I've been averaging 75-100 miles a week since Chrimbo, going to stables in Hampton , on the Surley and always with about 7-10 k's in back pack , just a nice fresh pace mainly on cycle paths around here, it's done wonders for my left lower leg perineal nerve problem and rebuilding on muscles in that area , I've been Ankling also , it has helped big time , so from this morn I'm off to do the ride twice daily , around 15 miles each way, 30 per day , and extra excercise walking the horse into a local nature reserve , which I'm sure he likes to be able to graze on the nice fresh grass !

    Hope fully by May I'll be all good to get the roadie back on the go and do some nice long rides , I'll start with 60's and hope fully by Sept -October 100 will be do-able ,

    Something I am tinkering with is a ride from London to the Kenilworth area to meet up with riders peddling down from the north , an awareness ride for ex Armed Forces that are not doing to well , but that is to be sorted another day ,
    anyway , off in 1/2 an hour ,
    Bish Bosh !!
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