Going from 105 to Sora

Discussion in 'General Cycling Discussions' started by Banjo, 2 Feb 2018.

  1. cyberknight

    cyberknight Legendary Member

    South Derbyshire
    I have a bike withbar end shifters, another with4700 tiagra and another with srma apex , its good fun remembering which way to move the shift lever and where they are when i change bikes.
    Having never ridden higher than the above groupsets i cant say anything about them , having riden claris when new i did find them fine although the down shift was a bit vague for my liking.Thumb button 8speed was fine but i felt the same on the down shift.
    New tiagra is very smooth and i do like it, some reckon it is better than the old 10 speed 105 and sram apex is very positive with a louder clunk at the back when you change gears.
    My bar end shifters work ok although i think it is a little hesitant due to the convoluted cable s from bar end all the way around the bar under the tape cuasing a bit of drag, if i routed the cable more efficiently i am sure they would be better as there is little to go wrong and are great for commuting as they are cheaper than brifters and mechanically simple assuming you get your gearing right as its not a set up you want to change gears when standing up to grind a hill and then decide you want to shift .
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  2. byegad

    byegad Guru

    NE England
    I think if you've just paid for the upgrade from Sora to 105 you will definitely feel the difference. If someone else paid I too doubt you'd notice.
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  3. Much the same here. I've one with 10 speed Tig, and another with 10 speed 105. Importantly, both are now on the same cables, and they don't feel any different. My preference is the Tig because of the aforementioned lever throw, but in terms of efficiency and reliability of function you couldn't get a chocolate mouses fag paper between them.
  4. wisdom

    wisdom Über Member

    Same for me.
    It' somewhat agricultural but works every ime.I love the shifters.
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  5. Smokin Joe

    Smokin Joe Legendary Member

    That's something oft said but I've never found there to be any difference in length of service between nine and ten speed drive trains.
  6. Brandane

    Brandane Rain magnet.

    Thanks for that link, it is a Shimano Octalink BB and crankset that is fitted just now. I am looking to replace it with a Shimano Tiagra triple, 9 speed crankset with the hollowtech type BB.. Haven't been looking too hard as the bike is pretty much redundant (and still usable anyway) due to a new addition. When the time comes, if I can't reasonably keep the set-up as is, I might just bite the bullet and upgrade with a full Tiagra groupset, probably 10 speed compact.
  7. jowwy

    jowwy The bearded Powerhouse

    Sram etap shifts as smooth as silk.....no clunks, no cable stretch after a few hundred miles, just smooth shifts everytime
  8. fatjel

    fatjel Über Member

    West Wales
    I found the sora 3500 on my defy hard work , especially the front mech , more than once after a hundred miles or so I’d park it in the small ring and leave it there.
    Tiagra 4600 shifters hurt my hands after longish distances
    105 5800 were / are just nice
    Ultegra 6800 were nice too but no better than 105
    Tiagra 4600 front mech is lighter than Ultegra 6800 front mech !

    My spa has had same 11 speed chain and cassette for 5000 miles. Doesn’t seem too Shabby.
    It will of course fail next time I ride it now
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  9. NorthernDave

    NorthernDave Never used Über Member

    I've just gone from 9 speed Sora to 11 speed 105 5800.
    There is a difference, the 105 shift is smoother and doesn't require as firm a shove on the lever.
    There is nothing wrong with Sora, but 105 is better.
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  10. I was going to suggest this. Going from posh to non-posh is generally no problem. It's when you return to the posh one and think "actually, maybe there is something in this after all ...."
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  11. Smokin Joe

    Smokin Joe Legendary Member

    We beat ourselves up too much about shifters and the supposed differences in the shift. All systems work and work perfectly - you flick the lever and in an instant the chain is on another sprocket or ring. One system might feel lighter than another but you won't know that unless you regularly ride them back to back. If Sora or Xenon were the only one available none of us would be crying out for an easier way to change gear, they both do the job perfectly well.

    Now that's a bit rich coming from a life long equipment upgrader like myself, but it is nevertheless true.
  12. Or, indeed, down tube friction shifters.
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  13. wonderloaf

    wonderloaf Über Member

    I've just swapped out Sora 3500 for Sora R3000 and find the differences quite marked, changes are much smoother with less effort and shifter travel. Also on the old 3500 the changes were quite clunky and occasionally unreliable, but the R3000 is (so far) smooth and reliable. I'm definitely pleased with swap, perhaps this Shimano trickle down has something to it. I've also got Ultegra 6800 on another bike and would say that R3000 is 80-90% as good, and if you put the two side by side you'd be hard pressed to notice the difference they're so alike.
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  14. yogiblair

    yogiblair Active Member

    This is good to read. I recently converted my first road bike (flat bar) to drops with Sora R3000, and I am very happy with it. I have read a lot of reviews about the shimano trickle down technology and there seems to be something in that. Still intrigued to try some Ultegra one day if I ever get a big boy racing bike!
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