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I've been offered a lightly used Golite Hex, it's not somthing I've seen or heard about before. The size, particulaly height, and simplicity appeal to me. I've read a few reviews on the web, a bit mixed but mostly positive.
Anyone got any experience of this or anything similar?
What's being offered is just the shelter, no inner tent, you can buy these but I'm tempted to make my own. Maybe just for half of it, leaving the rest as a porch and keeping the weight down.
A couple of people have reccomended I try a cotton inner, any thoughts?
Lastly, any idea what I could use for groundsheet material and where I could get it? Would proofed ripstop be alright? I'm OK with stitching it together, but how would I seal the joins? Would normal seam sealer stand up to the abuse?


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I have been tempted by the Hex-lite too and it was well reviewed on www.backpackinglight.co.uk/product95.asp. In fact I had occasion to ring the said company up and the lady really raved about it. I'd have thought in the UK you'd need the inner tent. If you do take the plunge I would be interested to hear what you think.

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I use a kiva but a lot of the guys i work with use these and we spend many nights out all year round. The go light is an ideal one man tent and will happily take two but 3 would be a squeeze.

The Tent is light and strong and can take the the worst whether mother nature can through at us. Single pole tipi style tents are some of the lightest and strongest tents out there, they are designed to be used on snow caps and glaciers.

We use our the outer tent only but both tents do have a separate inner with floor but these are bought separately and almost double the weight and pack size of the tent. I have never found i have needed an inner tent though not even in the worst weather.

Some people think it is strange having a tent with no floor but it makes life so much easier. You can were your boot in it and thanks to the size you can cook very safely in it. I carry a tarp to use under my sleeping bag to keep it off the floor. One point is that you will get a lot of condensation but all tents do you just dont see it thanks to the inner, the size of these tents mean the condensation is not an issue because you are lot likely to touch the sides.

If i did not have the Kiva which is 4 man i would definitely have the go lite Hex.
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