Good audax for a beginner

Discussion in 'Audax, Brevet and Randonnee' started by hoppym27, 5 Dec 2017.

  1. hoppym27

    hoppym27 Well-Known Member

    What would be a good audax for someone new to these events?
  2. Heltor Chasca

    Heltor Chasca Out-Riding the Black Dog

    Where are you based? The AUK site lists events by area. Maybe try a 100 in familiar territory.

    I’ve only been doing Audax for a year and I’m smitten.
  3. YukonBoy

    YukonBoy Guru

    A local hundred to get to grips with the format
  4. DCLane

    DCLane Found in the Yorkshire hills ...

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  5. Unless you love love love hills, stay away from AAA rated ones. If you can, avoid info controls and X rated ones. Best for beginners are ones where the organisers run all the controls.

    There are a few shorter than 100km if you aren't confident. I don't think you'll find any before spring.
  6. mjr

    mjr Comfy armchair to one person & a plank to the next

    I'd go for a 100 on the edge of familiar territory. My first was completely in familiar territory and it seemed like basically riding the iffy roads of my area at a silly start time with a time limit and the control stop cafe being crowded.

    My second was slightly better, riding some new roads, but I'm still not sure I'll bother again. Each to their own, though!
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