1. LeetleGreyCells

    Audax UK website

    I submitted my entry for an Audax two days ago and for some reason the title is appearing in red and there’s a warning triangle near the date in the My Upcoming Events section. The other two audaxes I’ve entered don’t have this. What does it mean? :wacko: Thanks in advance!
  2. LeetleGreyCells

    Taking The First Step Towards Audax

    From watching a number of videos about Audax and reading about Audax on a number of sites (including all the great info here on Cyclechat!), I've come to the conclusion that Audaxers are completely mad. In which case, I should fit in well :okay: I've been trying to come up with a plan to get...
  3. J

    thorn audax heads up.

    did u folks check the bike for sale section scroll down selling my thorn audax just a heads up.
  4. Andy in Germany

    Setting up a 200km "Audax"

    I'm working on a last-ditch attempt to make a 200k ride, possibly Audax before the weather closes towards the end of the month. I've got a 200k ish route worked out that I know about 99% of, and I'm pretty sure I can make in the required 13 hrs or so. I'm not taking this too seriously, as even...
  5. Heltor Chasca

    New YouTube Audax Channel

    I have recently been experimenting with a GoPro camera and iMovie with the intention of showing some of the rides I enter. The short films are mainly about Audax but I have included bikepacking and a hike with my youngest daughter. My motivation for this derives from a podcast by a fellow...
  6. YukonBoy

    How much do you drink on an audax?

    How much have you been drinking on an Audax, how many bottles worth, and what is the size of your bottles?
  7. Heltor Chasca

    DIY 200km Audax - A Forest Faunication

    Yesterday's Ride: This is my FIRST ride video so please leave comments and subscribe for more. I look forward to doing a few more. “A Forest Faunication” is a 205km DIY Audax from Somerset, along the Colliers Way, through Longleat, into Warminster and Salisbury through the Cranborne Chase AONB...
  8. ianrauk

    England : Kent Medway Marvellous Audax 26/05/19

    Just a shameless plug for @Trickedem 's of this parish Medway Marvellous Audax rides from Higham near Gravesend. There's two routes to choose from, a 100km and a 200km. All for the princely sum of £8.00 (£9.00 by paypal) Sign up and you are not only guaranteed a really nice planned out ride...
  9. Heltor Chasca

    Dear Audax Agony Aunt: 600km Dilemma

    One of my many cycling ambitions this year was to attempt a 400 and 600km event. I’ll be starting the 400 in a few weeks so that’s that. However going through the AUK calendar, there isn’t a suitable 600 for me. That’s mainly due to single parent admin and school commitments. The only way I...
  10. S

    Ribble 7005 Audax Road Bike with extra wheelset and brake pads.

    Ribble 7005 Audax Road Bike with extra wheelset and brake pads. £249 Collected from Chorley, Lancashire. In good overall condition but has been used over a number of winters and does of course shows signs of use. So, the points to note are: The paint has been touched in, in a number of...
  11. steveindenmark

    My first audax

    It took me 60 years, but I rode my first audax yesterday, just to say I have done one. 200km. I must admit, its not really my thing. But I am aware many people like them. I was under the impression that it would be an individual effort ride. As soon as it started the other 7 riders got into a...
  12. steveindenmark

    Audax etiquette

    I will be riding my first audax on Thursday a 200km ride in Southern Denmark. I have my own plan worked out and want to keep and eye on my speed to keep it at about 23kph average and heart rate and not many stops. I will also want to ride alone. Its part of a training plan and not intentionally...
  13. ColinJ

    Spring Into The Dales (SITD), Sun, 14th Apr, 2019. HQ Mytholmroyd.

    It is only just over a month until SITD 2019. Those of you who have ridden it before know what to expect. For those of who haven't ... it is 100 km of extremely lumpy roads in beautiful surroundings, joined up by about 15 km of busier and less pretty roads, but don't let them put you off! If...
  14. ColinJ

    England : West Yorkshire Season of Mists, Mytholmroyd, Sun, 14th Oct, 2018

    The mega-hilly Season of Mists audax event will soon be taking place again, starting and finishing at Mytholmroyd Community Centre on Sunday, 14th October, 2018. It is 105 km (65 miles) in length, but don't worry about that - it is the long and/or steep hills that will kill your legs, rather...
  15. GrumpyGregry

    Building the perfect GrumpyBike for GrumpyGregry's Winter Audax

    Y'day, courtesy of the Audax - buy and sell group on bookface I took delivery of Stage One of my master plan to build a bike to carry a fat and grumpy old guy up hill and down dale (think AAA) over "proper" Audax distances (think 200km / RRTY attempt) this winter. I took delivery of a pre-loved...
  16. Ian H

    Exeter Wheelers' SR series 2019

    We're running a full set of qualifiers for Paris-Brest-Paris next year. You can even choose from several events at most distances. The Avalon Sunrise 400 is yet to be published but will run. All are on the AUK calendar and with more info at Ride a complete set and you can...
  17. Philip Whiteman

    Beyond the Dyke Audax - 205km - 6th October

    Hello All, Start your Audax New Year with a resurrected old favourite. Alan Mason ran a popular audax called 'Beyond the Dyke' but this disappeared off the calendar when Alan retired. Having heard a number of people call for its resurrection, I decided to relaunch the event for this year's...
  18. Cranky Knee Girl

    Audax touring/bikepacking gravel/adventure bike recommendations please

    I've been riding for nearly 5 years, I have a 4 yo Merida Ride Lite Juliet 94 44cm Shim105 upgraded to a 11-32 rear casette to help on hills that I have done 200km audax on and toured the west coast of Scotland and islands for 2 weeks with panniers (hostels/BnB not camping) I have also just...
  19. Redlight

    Audax in the Telegraph

    A pleasant piece all about Audax in today's Daily Telegraph, apart from the comments from some idiot named Rob. It's "premium" but you can register for free to read the whole piece. (Or go and buy a copy....)...
  20. Lavender Rose

    England : Kent Fairies Audax : 50km-300km 1st July - Should I be brave?!

    I have been toying with the idea of an Audax for sometime - as I seem to be getting better MPH over longer distance, it is not competitive and it's all down to me I see that theres a local Audax with distances ranging from 50km to 300km! I am looking at doing the 50km (just over 31 miles) as...
  21. cosmicbike

    Just Entered My First Audax

    Despite best intentions I never managed it last year, but I've just put in my entry for the London Sightseer in June. A short 105km route, but one which will hopefully give me a gentle introduction into the ways of the audax.
  22. J

    Chas Roberts Women's specific Audax £450

    Fs a lovely and very highly regarded Chas Roberts Clubman Compact Audax in original flamboyant blue livery. Built with women's specific geometry from a custom selection of high-end Columbus Nivacrom steel, the bike is extremely light and compliant for long day's in the saddle. The frame...
  23. ColinJ

    Spring Into The Dales (SITD), 8th April 2018. (Mytholmroyd)

    Spring Into The Dales (SITD) is a fine scenic (hilly!) audax event from Mytholmroyd (near Halifax) up into Wharfedale and back. About 115 km in length and with around 2,350 m of tough climbing. This year it will take place on 8th April (the Sunday after Easter). I have just entered. I am quite...
  24. Skuhravy

    England : North Yorkshire Newby Wiske Audaxes Saturday 28th April 2018

    Quick heads-up, as I'm running my series of events from Newby Wiske again this year, and in addition to the 100 km-anna-bit offroad-ish tour of the Moors and the 300 km tour of the Dales, Pennines and Howgills, there's a bonus one-off, never-to-be-repeated 100-mile offroadish tour of the Moors...
  25. Heltor Chasca

    DIY Audax Events for Idiots Made Easy

    The idiot being me. I have a few decent gaps in my calendar where there aren’t any suitable rides that I can enter. So I thought the time has come for me to put together some of my own DIYs. (NB Routes and rides would be of the GPS variety) The only trouble is I can’t get my head around some of...
  26. J

    FS Chas Roberts Clubman Compact Audax (Women's Specific) with Campagnolo Groupset

    Fs a lovely and very highly regarded Chas Roberts Clubman Compact Audax in original flamboyant blue livery. Built with women's specific geometry from a custom selection of high-end Columbus Nivacrom steel, the bike is extremely light and compliant for long day's in the saddle. The frame...
  27. burntoutbanger

    The perfect Audax bike?

    So I've done a few long rides (although not as long as some on here no doubt), several centuries and a 200km ride. My current bike of choice for these is a Raleigh Maverick Tour which is a Reynolds steel frame and fork, 30-39-50 triple chainset with a 32-12 eight speed cassette. It's shod with...
  28. hoppym27

    Good audax for a beginner

    What would be a good audax for someone new to these events?
  29. Ajax Bay

    1962 Winter Reliability Ride

    1962 Tyneside Vagabonds CC Reliability Ride - Vintage Cycling View: @GuyBoden posted this in another sub-forum.
  30. ColinJ

    Season of Mists, Mytholmroyd, Sun 8th Oct 2017

    The annual Season of Mists audax will soon be upon us again - link to Audax event page. It is a very challenging metric century-plus-a-bit from Mytholmroyd out over some lumpy West Yorkshire hills and over the border into Lancashire for some VERY lumpy Lancashire hills, before looping round and...
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