1. Trull

    Audax Ecosse Mudflaps

    Hello fellow Audax UK Members and various hingers on... I'm taking orders for Audax Ecosse mudflaps at the moment to have a production run at RAW mudflaps using their reflective vinyl, this is on a not-for-profit cost recovery basis, same as last few times I've volunteered to offer them. We have...
  2. TTSS

    Carradice Bikepacking Audax (sold) & CarraDura maxi Saddlepack. (Removed).

    Bikepacking Audax Saddlebag: As new, never been used. 2 external pockets with storm flaps and quick release buckles Made from tough lightweight 1000 denier Cordura Handmade in the UK Internal organiser with zipped pocket D rings on the lid to attach extra loads LED strap Reflectors on each...
  3. TTSS


    Reynolds 531c steel framed bike. In excellent original condition. In Gloss Black. The Paintwork is in lovely condition with no dents to the forks or frame. Nice detailed lugs. Seat post and stem move freely. Nothings damaged, seized or worn. Has a braze-on pump holder as well. On the BB...
  4. FrothNinja

    Audax curious

    I'm wondering about dipping my toe into Audax but know that I am probably only going to average about 7mph over a day. Are there any that slow in the N of England? Thanks
  5. Tilley

    Audax on a trike

    I did 3 audax's on my Trice TNT within the first 2 years of riding it. Now i have an ICE Sprint 26 and I saw details of an audax travelling on familiar roads I felt compelled to sign up. The audax is the turn back time audax organised by the Severn bridge radonneurs. I have convinced another...
  6. twentysix by twentyfive

    Audax Mag

    As far as I know I'm a member of AUK until late 2024 having paid the 5 year fee. But the recent (summer) edition (which I've heard went through letter boxes 2 or 3 weeks ago) hasn't appeared at 26 Towers. Is there a bit of a backlog or something going on at Auk HQ? I've pinged them and await...
  7. robgul

    Heart of England Audax - 11 September 2021

    Usually held in May but cancelled in 2020 and postponed in May 2021 the Heart of England Audax (100 & 160km) rides at Meriden are on Saturday 11 September 2021 - details at - or search and enter on the AudaxUK website. Free...
  8. Brian_Parsley

    Thorn Frame 👀

    Hey, I’m on the look out for a Thorn frame. Potentially a brevet or audax one from the 90s/early 2000s. At around the 55cm mark. Let me know if anyone hears anything! Thanks
  9. T

    Building up to an Audax

    I have wanted to do an Audax for sometime now. I am no racer, not built for it. Long distance fascinated me though. My work overseas makes regular rides at home difficult so it’s ride when and if I can but could go periods of 4-5 weeks without riding. I’m wondering how best to increase...
  10. T

    Do Audax riders use tubeless

    I was pondering this so thought I would ask. Not asking which is best as it’s been asked a thousand times but do you use them or see a benefit to them on Audax or long distance rides ?
  11. W

    Dawes Audax Giro

    Visited my local car-boot at the weekend and couldn't resist a Dawes, as was in really good condition too. Didn't know much about the Audax bikes, this has a 531 frame so reasonably light. Triple chainring, Shimano Tiagra 4400 stuff so maybe late 1990's? Mavic MA3 wheels and a nice Rolls...
  12. O

    Getting cold feet about tomorrow's audax

    In total it will involve 182km- the most I ever done is 108km. Starting to think I have bitten off more than I can chew by doing this audax. Should I do it or walk away (or cycle away :laugh:)from the challenge?
  13. O

    Audax and water?

    A bit of a silly question but how much water should I take for my audax (50km to get there followed by 110km and 20km to the train station after). I have one bottle cage with a 1l bottle. My frame is small (50) so I cannot really fit another bottle cage on. How much water do I need to take and...
  14. O

    Audax start time

    Im doing an audax on sunday and it says it starts at 9:30am but do I have to be there before that time? If I was late e.g. I got there at 10am, can I still do it? Only because the event is 50km away from me and my Mum was meant to drop me off there but now cannot and there is no early enough...
  15. Magpies

    Change wheels or just tyres? Audax bike

    My Spa Ti Audax runs on Rigida Chrina 36h rims / Sapim spokes and Schwalbe Durano 700c x 25 tyres with Shimano 105 hubs. The wheelset weighs in at around 1700 gms front + rear. I use the bike for fast touring - toolkit but no heavy luggage - so a total load of ~75-80kg. I’m looking for...
  16. A

    LEL audax is it possible?

    I have watched on amazon prime a documentary about people taking part in the LEL audax event. Apparently they have 5 days to cycle 1400km so that’s like 290km a day. The next one is coming up in 2021 apparently. I would love to take part but I don’t think I am a strong enough cyclist to be able...
  17. Lard Armstrong

    Ribble CGR Ti 1x for AUDAX ? What do you think ?

    I love Titanium and already have a Van Nicholas Yukon2x, but I am looking for something lower geared with hydro brakes for hillier audaxes and lightweight touring/bikepacking. Minimal off road usage beyond gravel tracks, etc. Experiences and opinions greatly appreciated. Cheers!
  18. lane

    Audax DIY

    I have purchased a DIY Brevit card and think I have completed and submitted an entry for tomorrow (mandatory route). Only thing is I can't find anything to say my entry has been successful. How do you know if the entry has gone through ok?
  19. A

    How do audax events work exactly?

    How do you know where to cycle and for the super long events e.g. 500km how many days would they be and how does the whole race look like e.g. Where do you sleep, is there some sort of schedule etc?
  20. A

    Your experience of doing audax events

    What was it like doing an audax event? What distance did you do? How long did you train for it? What bike did you use? How long and how did you train for the event? Any advice for someone wanting to do an audax event?
  21. LeetleGreyCells

    Audax UK website

    I submitted my entry for an Audax two days ago and for some reason the title is appearing in red and there’s a warning triangle near the date in the My Upcoming Events section. The other two audaxes I’ve entered don’t have this. What does it mean? :wacko: Thanks in advance!
  22. LeetleGreyCells

    Taking The First Step Towards Audax

    From watching a number of videos about Audax and reading about Audax on a number of sites (including all the great info here on Cyclechat!), I've come to the conclusion that Audaxers are completely mad. In which case, I should fit in well :okay: I've been trying to come up with a plan to get...
  23. J

    thorn audax heads up.

    did u folks check the bike for sale section scroll down selling my thorn audax just a heads up.
  24. Andy in Germany

    Setting up a 200km "Audax"

    I'm working on a last-ditch attempt to make a 200k ride, possibly Audax before the weather closes towards the end of the month. I've got a 200k ish route worked out that I know about 99% of, and I'm pretty sure I can make in the required 13 hrs or so. I'm not taking this too seriously, as even...
  25. Heltor Chasca

    New YouTube Audax Channel

    I have recently been experimenting with a GoPro camera and iMovie with the intention of showing some of the rides I enter. The short films are mainly about Audax but I have included bikepacking and a hike with my youngest daughter. My motivation for this derives from a podcast by a fellow...
  26. Ming the Merciless

    How much do you drink on an audax?

    How much have you been drinking on an Audax, how many bottles worth, and what is the size of your bottles?
  27. Heltor Chasca

    DIY 200km Audax - A Forest Faunication

    Yesterday's Ride: This is my FIRST ride video so please leave comments and subscribe for more. I look forward to doing a few more. “A Forest Faunication” is a 205km DIY Audax from Somerset, along the Colliers Way, through Longleat, into Warminster and Salisbury through the Cranborne Chase AONB...
  28. ianrauk

    England : Kent Medway Marvellous Audax 26/05/19

    Just a shameless plug for @Trickedem 's of this parish Medway Marvellous Audax rides from Higham near Gravesend. There's two routes to choose from, a 100km and a 200km. All for the princely sum of £8.00 (£9.00 by paypal) Sign up and you are not only guaranteed a really nice planned out ride...
  29. Heltor Chasca

    Dear Audax Agony Aunt: 600km Dilemma

    One of my many cycling ambitions this year was to attempt a 400 and 600km event. I’ll be starting the 400 in a few weeks so that’s that. However going through the AUK calendar, there isn’t a suitable 600 for me. That’s mainly due to single parent admin and school commitments. The only way I...
  30. S

    Ribble 7005 Audax Road Bike with extra wheelset and brake pads.

    Ribble 7005 Audax Road Bike with extra wheelset and brake pads. £249 Collected from Chorley, Lancashire. In good overall condition but has been used over a number of winters and does of course shows signs of use. So, the points to note are: The paint has been touched in, in a number of...
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