England : Kent Medway Marvellous Audax 26/05/19


Tattooed Beat Messiah
Just a shameless plug for @Trickedem 's of this parish Medway Marvellous Audax rides from Higham near Gravesend.
There's two routes to choose from, a 100km and a 200km.
All for the princely sum of £8.00 (£9.00 by paypal)

Sign up and you are not only guaranteed a really nice planned out ride, catering at the start and the finish but also having the bonus of meeting me as I will be stamping your brevet card at the controls. :okay:

More details & sign up HERE
We have a real fancy for this 200. as it goes through just about every village the pair of us lived in growing up. We cant get down for this year but its on our radar. hopefully for next year.

Will be down for the Fairies 200 in June though, we haven't cycled in Kent since we moved here 16 years ago!


A quick update. We now have over 40 riders booked in and the weather is looking fantastic. I am now busy baking cakes!
It's not too late to enter. Although I will be closing entries at Saturday lunchtime.
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