Good white crankset for Carrera Kraken 2015??

Discussion in 'Components, Accessories and Clothing' started by ShxdowRider420, 12 Jul 2018.

  1. ShxdowRider420

    ShxdowRider420 New Member

    Hi folks! I have my Kraken booked in for a service at the end of the month and looking to get a new headset and a white crankset fitted when its in. I chose the white FSA ORBIT XS headset but can't seem to find a good crankset that goes with my bike that comes in white mad2.gif ... Long term, I plan to upgrade to a 12 speed Eagle system but will probably save my pennies for a while so I can get the gold and black edition thumbsup.gif .

    I'm pretty new to mountain biking (trails ect..) but always had a bike growing up. I was more a BMXer back in the day and always enjoyed having my bike customised (custom stem, handle bars ect..). The obsessiveness lives on.. now i'm 23 I had no option but to buy a big boys bike. Wouldn't be seen dead on a BMX anymore nono.gif

    The bike I have right now is a Carrera Kraken 2015 edition (white and blue). I got it second hand for £250 to get from A to B but ended up taking it up some local trails and fell in love with it to be honest. Upon reading up the specs you get on this bike (especially the 2015 edition) I was genuinely shocked at how good they are for the price.

    So far.. no problems at all with the kraken. I love the performance of this hardtail so far. the only thing I really want to change is the boring black handlebars, boring headset cap and the boring black crank set . eek6.gif .. I feel these things let the bike down in terms of visual.

    Right now my bike is running a Suntour CXM - 44/32/22T - 175mm crankset and to be fair, I've not had a single chain slip when being out on this bike wither it be a coastal cycle or up the MTB trails riding it into the ground tongue.png Having said that.. would anyone say its a good idea to get the same crank set but in white? Maybe that'll do until I decide to upgrade fully to a 12 speed group set next summer??? It would only cost £25 for the parts and should really transform the look of my bike.

    if anyone can suggest other cranksets that would work on my bike (2015 Carrera kraken) that come in white, please feel free to let me know...
  2. ChrisEyles

    ChrisEyles Veteran

    I'm guessing the Suntour XCM crankset is a triple square taper unit? In that case Suntour do a white XCM or XCT crankset. The XCT is slightly higher up Suntour's line, so possibly slightly lighter... but in practice I doubt you'd notice much difference between them.

    Personally I'd want to "upgrade" to something a bit nicer if I was bothering to swap out the crankset, but if white cranks is worth £25 odd to you, go for it!

    I actually did this on my MTB a while ago (wanted to switch to slightly shorter cranks and smaller chain rings), and it was quite hard to find new quality square taper cranksets. Most seem to be towards the low end of the spectrum (better kit all runs off hollowtech BBs which is irritating as square taper BBs seem to last much better and be less faff). So in your shoes I'd be looking for an older Deore XT triple on ebay... but you won't likely find one in white.

    Only other thing to bear in mind is that a white crankset won't stay smart and white very long unless you liberally protect it from heel rub with heli tape. If like me you ever ride in walking boots, then even shoelace rub can ruin the finish pretty quickly if riding in the wet and grit. TBH I quite like the look of a well used worn MTB, but if you're going for a fresh pristine look definitely get some heli tape!
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