Good winter tyres?


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OK, I know it's been asked a million times. But not by me:biggrin:

I got a hole in my inner tube on the way to work this morning. And when replacing it the tyre had quite a biggish chunk taken out of it. So need to replace it. As I bike year round, I'm looking for something that has good wet weather grip, but doesn't cost a fortune.

Any advice please?

Looking for a 700 x 32 (or maybe smaller if you all tell me it's better, but probably 25 the smallest I'll go at the mo). Currently using Bontrager Race Lite Hardcase which came with the bike. Is it worth just replacing it with another one of them? It seems OK to me, but this been my first 700c (since childhood) not sure whats good and whats not.


I find the Specialized armadillo tyres to be very good - pretty puncture proof & grip well. On the down side, they're heavy. The 25mm width is actually closer to 28mm.


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Tynan said:
are those the ones that people have trouble refitting?

lol - only if your puncture protection isn't up to much!!! never had a puncture on these tyres so refitting them isn't much of an issue. yes they can be awkward to get back on but I now have worked out a technique for putting them on to my rims with just my hands. More trouble getting them off in the first place. Its a balance - good puncture resistance, heavier and harder to fit tyre or lower puncture resistance and more time spent at the side of the road in the p***ing rain replacing a tube due to puncturing.

there are many others who swear by all sorts of other tyres and every single one of them has someone else saying what bad experiences they have had on them so I guess they are all much of a muchness however you tend to stick with the much of a muchness that has worked for you in the past. It was for that reason that I have never changed as I have seen enough negative points about all the competition that i just stuck with what I knew.


I asked about winter tyres about a month ago (on that other forum;)).

The consensus was Michelin Krylion Carbons in 25c. Supposedly good p****ure protection, low rolling resistance and all weather grip. I found them to be reasonably fast, and very grippy in the wet but offered little resistance to glass. So I had to use them with tyre liners fitted.

I now use the Schwalbe Stelvio Plus, also 25c. Which has a thick rubber belt to stop glass cutting too deep. They're a little heavier than the krylions, but not as heavy as a krylion + tyre liner. And no way near as heavy as the Marathon Plus. Which my LBS says in indestructible. Fast rolling, and pretty good in the wet too.

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Hi Alcdrew
I use the 'Travel Contact' from Continental, and I dont have a problem, on the hard road they run like a bomb and make no noise. In the dirt they grip when needed.

Give then a try and good luck.
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