Today Google has started putting a load of really brash photo backgrounds on its home screen with no option of keeping the white background.

I only liked it because it nice and clear and uncluttered.

a) Never used an alternative! Any out there that are plain and do not impose a horrid picture on me?

:becool: Does anyone actually like the change?

Sorry but I realise I sound a sad git posting this!


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Ive been searching all day for an undo option. I cant find it. Im sure Google will do what they normally do and provide one when they realise a lot of people dont like it.


I'm sure it's only for a couple of days at the most like their pacman background so I don't think it's that big a deal.


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Seems to imply you could use an image from your own computer ... so you could use a plain white image I guess - but the google logo wouldn't show up very well. I'll also miss the changes of the Google logo that changes to reflect special days... I'm surprised they didn't launch it tomorrow with a St Georges flag!

Bring back the old google.


try this :

Save the file to your desktop (or in favorites if you like), remove the .txt extension and run it, it should work fine.


According to

To remove the background image, registered Google users are able to sign in to their Google account and then click the 'remove background image' link in the bottom-left hand corner of the screen. Update: This solution appears to be data-centre dependent.

If you are not a registered Google user, you may either sign up to Google and follow the above instructions, or wait 24 hours for the images to disappear.
I tried the above and it still seemed to flip over to the a horrid pic, some sort of brown plastic sculpture on there now.
I searched for some alternatives and found
it seems to be as good if not better at finding me if I put in my own name and is very easy on the eye with an nice plain uncluttered background.
Both my work and home connections seem slow today and am told it is due to Google doing this.
I will not sign in with these people and just want to use the engine (and get advertised at along the way)
If you log in you have to have a two way exchange before they open your page- that slows things down too much (speed is fairly slow here). Google was taking ages to open with the downloading of the pic every time today.
I have gone over to Alta Vista now and so sod Google.
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