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I have a new Garmin Legend Cx, which I have so far used twice. The first time, everything went well. I created a track in Tracklogs, loaded it into the GPS, and rode round it in Tracback mode, using the compass arrow display. This works very well for me; my reading vision isn't good enough to follow a map on a small screen while bumping along the poorly surfaced lanes of Hertfordshire.

Yesterday, however... I had created another track, and loaded it as before. However, on asking the GPS to Tracback, it refused to use the loaded track, instead insisting on trying to work out a route for me.

Page 30 of the Legend Cx manual mentions a "Follow Track" mode, which I will always want to use, but I could find no way of accessing it yesterday (whereas the previous week, that seemed to be the default mode). My attempts to reset navigation defaults have so far failed to bring back Follow Track mode.

In between the two occasions, I loaded some more detailed mapping to a new micro SD card, and changed some minor display options (e.g. to orientate the map display to North at top). I didn't think I had done anything very drastic...

Please, if there is a way to recover Follow Track mode (or to reset all factory defaults), can somebody tell me how?


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Hello Nick, have you tried switching the track log off at the top of the track log page? To reset go to the trip computer page press the menu button (lower left button) if you press reset you can decide which modes you wish to reset.To reset defaults do the same but scroll down to the reset defaults page.
Hope this helps.


Thanks for the reply, topcat; unfortunately your suggested action doesn't seem to have restored the compass arrow function so that it traces a file uploaded from Tracklogs, as it did before I pressed whatever button it was that buggered things up.

Luckily, I still have my much-loved basic yellow eTrex, which carries on working the way I want and is sufficiently simple that the not-very-good Garmin manual isn't a handicap. I just feel that it shouldn't be beyond me to master a gadget - and that if Garmin makes so complex and capable a GPS as the Legend Cx, it really ought to put a bit more effort into its instruction manual...
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