Grandson can ride a bike (only 3yrs 2 months)

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My grandson can ride a two wheel pedal bike at the age of 3 yrs and 2 months, he has been riding a balance bike since about 16 months as well. Got me wondering what the youngest rider is? Trouble is getting a bike small enough, at the moment he can't touch the floor so can't start himself off, but he will grow into it.

I think he has done great, balance bikes are definitely the way forward.


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That's good going !!


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Balance bikes are ace. First time mine went to ride a bike he just pushed off and went....... all the way round the park. Mine was a similar age from memory.


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Great stuff...
My boy learnt of a balance bike. He just passed his 4th birthday when he took to pedalling.


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My eldest child was two years and a half years old, she wanted to do what her cousins were doing. My youngest, despite having a big sister to learn from, refused his balance bike and only got on a bike with stabilisers just after he turned four, despite being dragged around by a TrailGator for a year. We had to work hard to get him on two wheels before he started school.
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