Gravel bike with Press Fit bottom bracket or Threaded?


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What is the pros/cons of press fit bottom brackets? How reliable are they? I heard that they may creak, or a least they have more chances to develop a creak.

What is you opinion about press fit bottom brackets? Do you think better avoid them? As there are many nice budget/mid-budget bikes with press fit bottom brackets.



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Bit of discussion here

What‘s the frame made of? Carbon can be more problematic than other materials

Personally, I’d look for a bike with a non PF BB given the choice. I’ve had two Boardmans with creaky ones


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I have 2 bikes with Shimano press fit bb - no creaks. Hubby ha sone with a Hope press fit. No creaking. From friends bikes it seems that BB30 is the most likely to creak as it is a direct fit into the frame shell rather than the Shimano type which is contained in a plastic resin unit


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luckily my boardman pf30 never creaked untill i had it changed and ended up at another shop to rectify it, if i was given a choice i would go screw in as i know how and have the tools for them
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