1. bikingdad90

    Shimano/Scott/Northwave cycling shoes size 8/9- fit my size 8 feet

    Three pairs of shoes surplus to requirements: 2x Look Keo shoes or SPD-SL three bolt. Both 8/9 in size. The Scott ones have scuffed bottoms but purely cosmetic, uses 3x Velcro closure. The Northwave ones has a scratched ratchet but fully functional and just cosmetic. Carbon reinforced...
  2. A

    Easy to fit Tyre Suggestions

    Morning CC'ers. I dearly love my Triban RC520, but I truly hate the tubeless ready wheels/rims. Incredibly hard to fit tyres on, and I had to send back a very nice looking pair of Continental GP 5000s, because they would physically not get onto the wheel. Hours of pain, swearing, and nearly...
  3. Hugh Manatee

    Gloves That Fit!

    My gloves are nearing the end! I had a bit of a struggle finding any last time. I never really thought of myself as having large hands but then I tied to buy gloves in every bike shop I found on my travels and; nothing fitted. I liked the look of Planet X's traditional track mits and ordered...
  4. T

    Panniers to fit ebike rack

    Morning All, glorious day, peculiar times but at least we can still cycle in the fresh air. My wife's just bought a Scott Sub Active ebike with the battery in the rear pannier frame. The problem is, my Carradice panniers (and I guess a whole lot of other panniers) won't fit the the rack on her...
  5. bikingdad90

    Zantos Authentic Cords/Jeans 32inch waistband 30 inch leg- relaxed fit

    Zantos Authentic Jeans/cords in charcoal/black. £5 posted. Relaxed fit and stretchy so ideal for cycling in to the pub or even for work or in the garage. Generous 32inch waist and 30 inch leg. Great condition with very little fading. Selling due to weight loss.
  6. EltonFrog


    Brand New never used surplus to requirements £12.00 posted. BACs only.
  7. M

    New wheels, tyre won't fit without 'bulges'

    Hi all, I got two pairs of new wheels this weekend (different models from same manufacturer), have fitted them with Schwalbe Pro One tyres (setup with inner tubes). For the life in me, despite refitting numerous times and inflating high, I can't seem to fix the bulging issues on any of the 4...
  8. R

    Press fit bottom bracket tool

    Hi I posted a thread about this 3/4 weeks ago and can't find it again, but basically I'm trying to remove a Shimano BB91-41 using one of the cheap tools sold by Burton Bikes off ebay: It doesn't actually sit snug in between the cups and the bearings for me, so it rests at an angle. This means...
  9. R

    Press fit BB tool recommendation

    Hi all, seen a lot of options on ebay/amazon etc. of BB installation and removal tools that significantly undercut the pricing of the established brands like Park Tools or their cheaper competitors Ice Toolz or X-Tools, just wondered if anyone has bought any of these before and if anyone had any...
  10. M

    Sized down on Giant Propel, opinions on fit

    HI all, A couple of moths ago I purchased a Giant Propel Advanced 2 Disc Road Bike 2019 in size Large (I'm 6' 3" and was right on the divide between L and XL), my previous bike was a Giant Contend SL 1 in size XL. Being busy with work I've only just got around to setting the bike up on my...
  11. Heltor Chasca

    Bike Fast Fit Elite

    Quite a few threads recently on bike fit so I thought this might be useful to at least one or two of you. I had an interesting discussion over on the TrainerRoad forum about bike fit which lead to talking about getting an analysis done. Circumstances at the moment don’t allow for a...
  12. M

    Can I own this bike? (opinions on fit)

    Hi all, i’ve just test rode a Trek Emonda ALR 5 at a local bike shop, it’s the last one they have, size 60cm. My height is 6’ 3.5” and the bike generally felt nice, climbing was comfortable and compared to my Giant Contend SL1 XL, it was nice to be on something lighter. I’m not completely...
  13. night cycler

    Modern handle bars-bit harder to get brackets to fit.

    I had the flat bar road bike converted to drops recently. Same diameter bars as B`twin 540. When looking around for accessories like a bell or light with a large enough bracket, it is as though manufacturers have not caught up yet. There are some accessories with “oversize” brackets as I...
  14. gazza81

    Fit bit or similar

    Hi guys, im looking into getting a fitness tracker watch, the main thing i want it to do its easily upload my runs to strava so i can leave my phone at home, ideally without wires or getting the laptop out. Cheaper the better too! Any suggestions?
  15. Slioch

    Cycling jerseys with a more relaxed fit

    Morning all. Being of a slightly portly disposition, I find your average cycling jersey to be too tight and uncomfortable. I want short sleeves, and pockets on the back, but with a baggier cut. Being aerodynamic is of no interest (or use!). Any recommendations re' manufacturers? Thanks
  16. Drunkenjoiner

    Castelli fit

    Hi all, Looking at buying some Castelli bib shorts, probably the endurance 2. I am a 34" waist and the size guide says medium. From previous online ordering experience I note that size guides can be a little off, so looking for real world experience. What size would any Castelli bib owners...
  17. P

    Bike fit Yorkshire or Teesside

    Any recommendations for a decent bike fit service in Yorkshire / Teesside? I live in Thirsk, work in Leeds and have family on Teesside so a wide area considered! I'm just a leisure cyclist doing about 100 miles a week, my DIY fitting efforts have led to stiff Achilles one year and a really sore...
  18. gazza81

    New bike fit

    Hi guys just picked up a second hand btwin 520 for £200. I wasnt really looking for a bike but thought it was a good price as its mint. Now, me being me rushed into it and didnt test ride it! Its a XL, im 511/6 foot, the frame measured 22" it has a 110mm stem and sitting on it now im home i...
  19. Banjo

    Will larger tyre fit?

    I have a Jamis Aurora tourer that gets used and abused mostly as a utility bike. It has Vittoria randoneur 700 x 32c tyres that are really tough but now clapped out . Wiggle have Vittoria Randonneur 700 x 35c on a good offer. The tightest clearance is on the back between tyre and chain stays...
  20. capricapers

    Bike Fit

    I had a full Retül bike fit (discounted) with Specialized Birmingham today. The upshot is that they lowered my saddle and bars and said that I needed a 38mm bar instead of 40mm ( which was attested and proposed by Bianchi and Ribble anyway and I didn’t even buy their bikes). The upshot is that...
  21. rugby bloke

    Bike fit - how could I have got it so wrong

    I admit that what I know about setting up a bike correctly can be written on the back of a postage stamp. But even allowing for this level of incompetence and ignorance I'm amazed at how many adjustments were required when I took my bike for a bike fit today. Cleats - Tick Saddle height - Tick...
  22. Spoons47

    Bike Fit Help Please

    The bike fit phenomenon continues to intrigue and frustrate me in equal measure!! So I have done about 100 miles on my beloved Felt F95 having not ridden a road bike before and after watching 100s of you tube videos, reading 1000s of articles and trawling through our wonderful forum, this is the...
  23. Phaeton

    Able to fit discs?

    Son has a Kona Kahuna with Magura hydraulic rim brakes but he's not happy with them, we've bled them, fitted new pads, adjusted but still not happy, he just doesn't like the feel of them, so I wondered as the frame can accept calipers can the hubs, I think there is enough space on the back but...
  24. Drago

    Solar FIT payments

    Anyone else here have solar, or even wind, biomass, etc? I've a full 5kW installation, and being exactly South facing on a single side of a bungalow roof it's a nice little earner indeed. However, my energy supplier is taking long and longer each time to post the payments. It started out as...
  25. busdennis

    Shimano BB-RS500 press fit

    My giant TCR needs new bearings for the BB. Would I be correct in saying Shimano BB-RS500 press fit is fitted in to BB86 bikes. Would I also be correct in saying replacement bearings need to be 37x24x7 thanks Dennis
  26. Freelanderuk

    Bike fit again

    I know this can be a bit subjective but has anybody used this guy to do a bike fit in the Lincolnshire area I have been riding for a few months now and can not get rid of numb fingers in both hands after 45 minutes to an hour on the bike, I have raised /...
  27. Maz

    Can I fit a Quick-Release lever to a wheel which had bolts on it before?

    Basic question - If I get a QR lever, can it fit on to a bike which previously only had bolts to tighten it? Thanks
  28. albal

    Fit file tools / failed strava upload

    Hi, i,m out on tour and 1 ride did not load to strava. How can I get it onto strava via fit file tools, it has an incorrect timestamp, done it before from home, on pc. Though as i,m nowhere near or likely to be near a pc how can I do it? Anyone?
  29. Shropshirelass

    Wide fit Bike bells

    So my bike bell that fits my hybrid doesn't fit my new road bike, :sad: I was just trying it on for a size guide, but I want to order a new bell that will fit my "Giant" road bike any recommendations for anywhere that might do ones with slightly larger brackets? x
  30. Andy in Germany

    Battle of the Bulge (or: How do I stay fit in an unhealthy job?)

    So I've turned 40, and as with a lot of males, the stomach is trying to grow. I always had a bit of a bulge to be fair: I'm generally slim but my body does like to store fat all in one place. Now, I'd like to keep The Bulge to a minimum, but I'm at a bit of a loss with the current situation: I...
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