1. A

    Cartridge and press fit bottom bracket

    Hi guys, Might be a daft question, what is the difference between a cartridge and press fit bottom bracket, are there advantages or disadvantages with either. Cheers Alex
  2. T4tomo

    Good bike fit tip for reach issues.

    My other half had a bike fit recently as was having a few niggles, mainly knee and lower back, plus a bit of saddle discomfort. So he did some good stuff on cleat positioning and a shim that has completely sorted the knee issues, and recommended a wider saddle. Additionally, the bike is...
  3. Slioch

    Recommend a pannier that'll fit this rack

    I want to get a cheap and cheerful pannier that'll fit onto my folding bike, but the rack on it is a curved shape rather than straight, so normal panniers won't fit. I've already got Altura panniers that I use on my tourer, but they won't fit onto this rack because they have a rigid strip that...
  4. B

    V brake pads dont fit

    So my old v brake pads are 55mm long and I replaced them with 70mm pads. They seem to fit the rim properly without touching the tyres however, when I try to connect the brake cable again, It doesnt not connect as there wasnt enough space to pull the cable in any further. Please help me.
  5. Bicycleshoe

    Will this chain fit?

    Hi, Im needing a new chain as the link within my current has become very stiff and causing shfiting skips. I have the Sora 9 speed groupset and that would make me thing i would need a 9 speed chain. But when i go to check the bike specs on the manfucator page it states the chain is a 6/7/8...
  6. Cycling_Samurai

    Getting a bike fit

    I have arthritis in my knees that lead me to cycling. Used to run cross country when I was younger. Have had some injury and pains in the last 7 months that I worked past on my own. Adjusting my fit and all. Came across a gent at a coffee shop and had questions about his setup which ended with a...
  7. U

    PlanetX Shoe fit?

    Does anybody know if these come up on the narrower or wider size of things? I could really do with some new shoes, as my current ones are a bit narrow and my feet are in agony after a couple hours, but I don't want to spend that much money for something I don't really use that much.
  8. M

    How should winter gloves fit/do these fit me (video included)

    Hi all, I'm wondering if fellow winter cyclists can offer some tips/advice on how gloves for this type of riding should fit. I've found some gloves that are well reviewed, and don't break the bank (too much): Endura Pro SL Primaloft Waterproof Gloves I'm having trouble picking between Medium...
  9. davidphilips

    Great video on bike fit.

    Just watched this video and know theres lots of information about bike fit but picked up some interesting points from this, might be a bit biased as really like this guys utube content. Part 1 only but some interesting points. View...
  10. johnnyb47

    Not as fit as i thought i was

    Hi again, This year has been a funny old year for all of us, and with plenty of time on our hands during the spring / summer lock down cycling really took off for me. At present I've covered just under 6000 miles for the year on the bike, which for me is record breaking territory. It's been...
  11. Maherees

    BB386 Press Fit bottom bracket

    I have a question not so much about a bike but a bike component: A few times i have seen some quite negative reactions when a bike has a press-fit bottom bracket - what is the issue with this type of bracket and can they be upgraded if there is an issue? Thanks
  12. J

    26x1.95 tyre, can you fit different width trainer tyre?

    Hi. My bike has a 26x1.95 tyre. It is knobbly so not ideal and noisy on the turbo trainer. If I change the tyre does it need to be 1.95inch to fit? Do different widths fit on the same rim? There seems to be no trainer tyres this size? Could I use a slick regular tyre? I dont do huge mileage.
  13. David L

    Bike fit

    Hello. im looking for recommendations for a bike fit in the yorkshire area that people have used. Im after a fit using a jig setup rarther than on my bike type fit thanks
  14. wafter

    Bike fit trends - specifically in crank length, handlebar width, reach and stack..

    Inspired by watching the video below along with some of the others in this series and from different content creators. FWIW I like Francis Cade's stuff - him and his crew seem like decent folk and his mate James (in the video below) seems to know his stuff.. Anyway, as most will probably be...
  15. N

    Will this rear wheel fit on my bike?

    Hey all. Quick question ❓ Will this wheel with a disc brake mounting fit on my bike that has a rim brake. It looks like the mounting can't be removed so wondering how it will fit as the seller said it will fit with no modifications as the wheel's meant for either brake system. Looks too...
  16. Ridgeway

    Road fit vs MTB fit

    Had a good year so far on the road with some decent improvements although climbing speed is still my nemesis, targeting more weight reduction and trying to increase my FTP to hopefully see some improvements next Spring. In the mean time I’ve taken a first step in to the World of MTBing as I...
  17. woodbine

    Will this chain fit my 6 speed Uniglide

    I have an old MTB with 6 speed Shimano Uniglide cassette and 3 x Biopace chainrings making 18 gears in total. Is the Shimano Altus HG40 6-7-8 speed chain the correct one? The pin lengths are the same as my KMC chain at 7.3mm. THanks for any advice...
  18. Smokin Joe

    Goodyear Easy Fit Tubeless

    Those who would like to go tubeless but are unsure about the potential hassle might be interested in the new Goodyear tyres. Starting from just £20 each they are claimed to be easier to fit, inflatable with a hand pump and have better air retention -...
  19. Daninplymouth

    Bike Fit in the southwest

    Hi, just wondered if anyone has any recommendations for fitters in the southwest. I’m based in Plymouth but willing to drive a few hours. Just want to find someone who knows what their doing. I only know of one local bike shop Velosmith but they aren’t doing any fittings whilst social distancing...
  20. CanucksTraveller

    Anyone had "correct" brake pads refuse to fit?

    I'm having trouble fitting new brake pads into my calipers. The brake is a Promax DSK 717, it's basically mechanically identical to the Avid BB5 and has two round pads which secure in place with a spring. The pads come out one by one through the slot where the rotor sits. These are the pads...
  21. David L

    bike fit

    hi all. firstly i dont know if is in the right section or not, apologies if its wrong anyway i am after recommendations for a bike fitter in the Yorkshire area. ideally i am after someone / company that will be able to do a fit on a jig as opposed to by current bike.
  22. T.M.H.N.E.T

    Bike fit snapshots

    View: View: View: View...
  23. NickTB

    (Another) bike fit question

    Hi all. I have a question regarding my bike and the fit. I bought a used Cannondale CAADX about 6 weeks ago, and with one thing and another I’ve only last week started putting decent miles on it. I’m finding when out I’m fine and the bike feels really comfortable up to the 12-15 mile mark...
  24. Twilkes

    Bike fit on a 6ft5/60cm combination

    I bought this Cannondale secondhand online so didn't ride it before buying, but 60cm is about what I should be riding based on a few guides and Cannondales size up large apparently. The next size up, 63cm, has an extra 23mm of stack which I don't really need (34" inside leg), and only 6mm extra...
  25. G

    Will a 27.5 x 2.1-2.5 inner tube fit 27.5 x 1.95 tire?

    Hi guy, my rear tire is punctured and the only affordable inner tube i can get is a Halfords Schrader Innertube 27.5 x 2.1-2.5 for £4. Will it fit my 27.5 x 1.95 tire or is it too big?
  26. terry_gardener

    trying to find correct fit on new bike

    so i have bought a new bike which is a hybrid e bike and im trying to get good fit. (see electric bikes section for more info on new bike) when i ride it i sometime get knee pain (front of knee), i slide forward while riding, numbness of left thumb and also get after my ride pain in the very...
  27. D

    Trek Boone RSL 2017 Cylocross fit on Neo2

    Hi all, Wondering if you could help me please. I picked up a Tacx Neo 2 but I'm having difficulty getting my Trek Boone RSL 2017 Cyclocross bike to fit on the trainer. Seems as though the skewers are not long/wide enough. Can anyone confirm if this bike should fit on the trainer please?
  28. bikingdad90

    Shimano/Scott/Northwave cycling shoes size 8/9- fit my size 8 feet

    Three pairs of shoes surplus to requirements: 2x Look Keo shoes or SPD-SL three bolt. Both 8/9 in size. The Scott ones have scuffed bottoms but purely cosmetic, uses 3x Velcro closure. The Northwave ones has a scratched ratchet but fully functional and just cosmetic. Carbon reinforced...
  29. A

    Easy to fit Tyre Suggestions

    Morning CC'ers. I dearly love my Triban RC520, but I truly hate the tubeless ready wheels/rims. Incredibly hard to fit tyres on, and I had to send back a very nice looking pair of Continental GP 5000s, because they would physically not get onto the wheel. Hours of pain, swearing, and nearly...
  30. Hugh Manatee

    Gloves That Fit!

    My gloves are nearing the end! I had a bit of a struggle finding any last time. I never really thought of myself as having large hands but then I tied to buy gloves in every bike shop I found on my travels and; nothing fitted. I liked the look of Planet X's traditional track mits and ordered...
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