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Looking at the TdF there seems to be a lot of variation on bike sizing. Many riders seem to go for frames that seem to my inexpert eye to be too small, compensated for by very long seatposts. I am sure that I, at 5'8", could, with some adjustment, ride some of those bikes ridden by people 6" or more taller than me.

Does frame size matter that much as long as you can adjust the saddle height and reach length to fit? Does the fact that a smaller frame will generally give a lighter bike come into it at all?


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You'll find the pro riders tend to ride slightly smaller frames with longer stems. Either way they have to conform to the 6.8kg UCI minimum limit for UCI races.

And yes, you can ride up/down by adjusting it.


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With very few exceptions, pros ride standard frame sizes- apart from the expense of custom frame sizing (and most manufacturers don't offer it anyway), UCI rules certainly frown on it if not prohibit it outright. Therefore, in order to achieve that stretched out position that us mere mortals could not achieve and would not want to, smaller frames are the order of the day. Smaller frames are also marginally stiffer.
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