Good bike fit tip for reach issues.


My other half had a bike fit recently as was having a few niggles, mainly knee and lower back, plus a bit of saddle discomfort.

So he did some good stuff on cleat positioning and a shim that has completely sorted the knee issues, and recommended a wider saddle.

Additionally, the bike is about on the limit of frame size, but he fitted a 70mm stem to help with the reach issue, which although improved things, she still felt she was reaching a bit for the hoods, so we popped back at the weekend.

Rather than fit an even shorter stem and risk the handing getting twitchy, he rolled the bars down a bit so the drop ends came in slightly closer and then moved the shifters back up the bars so the ended up a couple of cm's closer to the saddle that before. Job done and much comfier.

I performed the same trick yesterday on her gravel bike which has a smaller frame size, but a 90cm stem, which worked a treat. effectively you nd up with less of difference between riding on the tops and the hood. I even remembered to tweak the brake cable tension afterwards :okay:!

Thought that was a tip worth sharing...

We may even be getting closer to a comfier saddle after about 6 attempts

Doug at Lovelo in Berkhampsted was the bike fitter, defo recommend him.
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