Gravel Patches

Anyone else fed up with the patches of gravel that end up being deposited at junctions?

These are lethal when executing a turn.

I guess the contents of pot holes have to end up somehwere, but the streetsweepers miss the patches as they're not at the kerbside.
In a word: yes.
Immediately after leaving work, I go down a gentle downslope and at the foot immediately have to turn right. It is a junction much used by HGVs and loose gravel was always accumulating in drifts.

That is, until the road and junction were re-surfaced earlier this year, following severe damage in the winter cold spell. Now it's much better.

I suppose the best remedy is to complain to whichever authority (e.g. County Council) has responsibility. I don't know whether CTC's 'fillthathole' picks up reports on gravel problems.


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I always give them a glance as I ride past ( in the tyre tracks where there's no grit ).

I saw a two pound coin in a 'gravel patch' a couple of months ago. Thank you clumsy baffoon, you've just bought my breakfast.
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