Great support from Amazon.


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I noticed this morning that my phone didn't charge despite being on charge most of the night and trying different chargers on it this morning.:sad:
Got in touch with Amazon on their chat line and explained the problem as the phone is less than a year old. The nice man in cyberspace told me to do this and that on it and hey presto , the phone is charging up again!:smile:
He followed his advice with a phone call to make sure all is well and will also phone me tomorrow to ensure that it is still working.
Thank you Amazon, that's what I call good service. :notworthy:

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You're not supposed to say that :ohmy:

Remember, Amazon are tax avoiding capitalist scum who work their employees so hard that they look like concentration camp inmates.


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Did the Amazon guy ask you pay some more money to them and they remotely activated the charging feature which is only available on Prime?
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