Great weekend?? Rant.


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Why do broadcasters/ people who don't work at the weekends always say it as they go home. Are they cocking a snook at the millions of people who do by saying, look at me ,I don't have to work at the weekends but you do. it really gets to me. Ok, I don't work every weekend, but every other one. For those who work every weekend it's not going to be that great. It really grinds at me. Sorry, rant over.:biggrin:


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What would you like them to say?


I think it is a good reminder of how lucky I am to have most weekends off work. If you have a problem - time to find a new job.


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Yes Paulus, I used to work every Saturday also, as I was on the staff of an evening newapaper. I know just what you're ranting about!
Those who have never been in this position are not aware of the irritating nature of these bland comments which can wind one up into a frenzy of murderous intent.
You have my sympathy, but I'm afraid that is all I can offer, other than suggesting that you contact these insensitive persons and let them know how it winds you.


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On the other hand Paulus, do you get a day or two off during the week? By saying "have a great weekend", it might be that what they mean is "have a great weekend because your week of work has probably been rubbish" and so you can be smug as you've had time off when everyone else has been at work.

To cover all eventualities, I think a "have a great or a shite weekend" would be better. And as there's usually two of them, one could say "have a great" and the other could say "or a shite " and then both come together at the end and say "weekend" in unison.
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