Great Yorkshire Bike Ride, Sat 6 June 2015


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Meanwood, Leeds
I did it about eight years ago. I enjoyed the event. I didn't enjoy the following six weeks of pestering my sponsors to cough up.


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Have registered me and HWMBO for this. I think it's very reasonable. £17.50 entry plus £10 if you want return to start by coach and lorry. They ask you to commit to a minimum of £20 either sponsorship or donation, which is good for me as I have another sponsored event happening the month after. (If anyone wants to sponsor me for running 5k through Heaton Park whilst wading through muddy obstacles and covered in pink paint let me know!:wacko: Or come along and have a laugh:laugh:) If I were to just donate £25 (should no one at all sponsor me) then the whole day would have cost me £52.50. I think that's fair. Some of the charity events seem to have gone way over the top IMO in the ammounts they ask you to guarantee. I would have loved to have done the Leeds to Manchester moonride but the cost and expected fundraising is prohibitive.

ps cheers @DCLane for the heads up


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I have registered, and so has Mrs Spa Cyclist. This will be the longest ride we have attempted for a LONG time, so some practice rides will be in order ....

We last completed the ride in 1990, when it was still running between Wetherby and Scarborough. That time we were fortunate enough to have good weather for the day. Hopefully this year will be similar.


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For any CC member doing this I'll be (planning to) riding in a Ravensthorpe CC jersey, with at least 1 other club member

My intention is to ride from Dewsbury to Wetherby, do the ride to Filey, down to Brid and then back to Dewsbury.


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Mrs Spa Cyclist and I are both looking forward to this ride. Looks as if the weather will be bright or sunny on the day. It is also forecast to be quite windy - fortunately blowing from the West or South West, so behind us most of the way there. (That strong wind seems to have been around for weeks on end now!)

We are planning to cycle over from Boston Spa to the start and have booked the organised transport back.

My intention is to ride from Dewsbury to Wetherby, do the ride to Filey, down to Brid and then back to Dewsbury.
Good luck with your ride - it looks like a long day for you - and hard work into the wind on the way back!
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