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Got a 2006 GT Avalanche 2.0 disc.

Due to the roady getting loads more use commuting, I'd been thinking of a bit of adaptation to allow the GT to be used as an alternative commuter. Altering the route to take in a bit of singletrack/towpath etc.

If I do this I fancy keeping the weight off my back, so maybe a pannier. Strange thing is the frame has the bolts at the top of the seat stays for a pannier, but there's nothing down at the hub. RHS has no bolt points. The LHS has 2, but they're for the caliper!

Am I right in thinking the bolts at the top of the seatstays are for pannier mounting?

If so, whats the remedy for the lower mounting positions? (I dont think 'p' clips would do it, could be wrong)


I have a 2007 GT Nomad Sport with the same problem. Braze-ons at the top for panniers and nothing at the hub.
I haven't tried putting my pannier rack on yet though as it reduces the space for my lights and I prefer to wear my hi-Viz rucksack. In the summer though I'm going to have a go at putting it back on - my rack has adjustable "legs" to raise/lower the actual rack which will help with any P-Clips not being perfectly horizontal to each other on wither side. I believe it can be done.

I have however adapted my mudguards to fit using a combination or P-Clips and cable ties.

Ignore the dirt (it's mud not rust I just haven't been bothered to clean my bike after todays outing!).
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