GT85 Evil?


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I've been using GT85 to clean and lube my chain once a week for gawd knows how long, but having read up on the 'Mickle method' for chain maintenance I note that he says not to use GT85, but doesn't say why?

What harm am I potentially doing?


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Drop Mickle a PM, he might miss the thread.

I cant recall entirely, but isnt it something to do with the silicon in it?


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It dissolves the lube on the chain rather than sticking to and lubricating the parts of the chain. It is great for cleaning but does not have suitable viscosity to be a lube for that use.


Whenever I see gt85 advertised it always says FOR CHAINS but meaning cleaning not lubeing so i see why lot of cyclist use it on their chains.


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I use WD40 scared0016.gif


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I used to use GT85 for chain lubrication. It worked to a satisfactory lubrication level in my opinion, however its downfall is that it washes off easily and tends to attract dirt and grime, which stick to GT85 extremely well and can create a horrible mess if you don't keep on top of it.

I also found that the GT85 containers aren't great for chain lubricant applications, and you tend to over-spray onto things that don't want or need lubrication, as well as applying more lubricant than you need.

I have since changed to Finish Line Dry which has solved all these issues.
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