Gtech ebike - Speed limiter removal?


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I have a Gtech ebike and I am trying to remove the speed limiter/cutoff (for use on private land only).

Does anybody know how to do this? I can't seem to locate the sensor. It is a rear hub motor i believe.



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It may be that the speed is limited by the controller box, my front wheel kit is so it would need to put out a higher frequency to the 3phase motor. A way to tell is if the rear wheel has 6 wires in the multicore lead, 3 for power and 3 for the 'hall effect' sensors


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The sensor is in the pedal crank in the frame, wire goes in underneath through the frame from the controller. Not sure how to fool it i'm not tech enough. I was looking at fitting a larger sprocket and belt from 'carbon drive' which would turn slower and give a faster speed before cut-out. But the larger sprocket would catch the rear frame to the wheel :/ crafty gtech! There must be a way. Any one else any ideas??


You could fit 600mm crank arms

If its be designed to stop tampering then they have been successful.

I derestricted my Trek bosch ebike very easily to see if i could.
Wheel magnet and frame sensor.
Moved magnet to crank and then set the sensor to pick up the new magnet position.

Suddenly had a near 30mph bike that said it was doing 7mph.

Now bosch have put a stop to this with the new system as have specialized, which i have now.

I dont agree with de-restricted E-bikes btw, fookin dangerous to you and others.
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