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Your neighbours may be fully aware that the down pipe is on their property and belongs to them, the issue sounds like they are blaming you for the blockage in their pipe due to lack of cleaning in your section of gutter?
Having said that they can’t hit you with an £80 bill without discussing it with you before commencement of work, you haven’t agreed anything, there is no verbal contract.


I actually don't think that's a bad price, it would not have come with any guarantee & was a cash in hand price.
A window cleaner usually offer the service.
So in that respect its rather a lot to remove some leaves from the elbow.

But if it was a maintenance firm them there ya go...


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A window cleaner usually offer the service.
So in that respect its rather a lot to remove some leaves from the elbow.
But if it was a maintenance firm them there ya go...
Oops I read it as they had had the down pipe replaced, not just cleaned out, in which case they were bent over the table with no Vaseline.


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I'm a tad confused. Rozzas house is on the left, with white guttering. The white downpipe is seemingly on the neighbours wall.
I assume Rozza or a previous house owner paid for the guttering ....and downpipe even though its mounted on the neighbours house. Does that change anything ?, did the neighbour agree to have the downpipe replaced on his property...why didnt the contractors just put up guttering UP TO the property boundary and not bother with the downpipe.
It seems a problem's been created by going beyond the property's boundary.


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Hi everyone. Thank you for your responses, and warm welcomes. The neighbour had their guttering replaced a couple of years ago from the white we have to the black they now have. I’m debating sending them a letter, as I really can’t fathom how they can possibly think it’s on my property and my responsibility!! As legally there’s nothing they can do to force me to pay, maybe I’ll just ignore it!
We haven’t had any issues with our gutters, so can only assume the problem is with theirs
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The question of whose down pipe and therefore responsibility looks pretty marginal to me. The distance between the two windows is five brick widths. The down pipe is just covering the right hand end of the middle brick. This can only be inches from the centre point. The staining on the wall suggests a problem with wetting which could effect both properties.

For the sake of trying to keep neighbourly relations as good as possible I'd pay half. I do agree there should have been a prior conversation.

I'd then get a ladder, make sure my gutter is clear and fit a guard to prevent leaves entering the down pipe.

We had a similar problem with our neighbour. Both his gutters and down pipe overflowed on to our porch roof and in very heavy rain would come through the roof - I've replaced the porch, it was in a very poor state, my fault. Regarding the gutters I'd reached the point of ranting every time this happened about getting the job done and presenting the neighbour with the bill. My wife stopped me, she was right.


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The down pipe is removing water from both roofs. It’s a shared down pipe, so a shared responsibility.
The fact that it’s on one side or the other seems irrelevant really.
You can’t prove where the blockage came from.
I would pay £40 and be done with it, life’s too short.

This is just my common sense opinion, not a legal opinion.
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