Ha! Busted... oh, nope. Nevermind

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Bloody quad bikes. There's a few people round at a patch of grass near me with two extremely loud quad bikes, I can hear them from my room. I saw the CCTV van with the wardens inside it just completely drive by it - I really thought they were going to get busted.

Quad bike? I regular bike will do me fine, thanks. :cursing:

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Wot is a quad bike? Pic? no, don't bother, gonna google it :thumbsup:


Unless you're a hill farmer, then they're good, providing ypur sheep dog has good balance!
My Lab rode on ours a few times across the fields. Not that he had good balance but it was the only thing that stopped the dopey bugger running in front of me and stopping. Riding with a 45kg Labrador sitting on the fuel tank wasn't something that you'd find recommended in any instruction leaflet, though.

Not that we have hills, or sheep, but they are useful to ride around when moving the pigeons onto next-door's wheat rather than our own.


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Couldn't you train him to chase the pigeons away?


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But more useless...
I used one as a miniature skidder once, when helping a family member take down some trees on their land, to drag (or skid) the logs out of some really awkward terrain around the cut site to a point they could be cut up in to reasonable sizes. It was pretty useful for that. :smile:


Couldn't you train him to chase the pigeons away?
He tried, but chasing watching Dad pull silly faces whilst trying not to run him over seemed like more fun.
I thought that Labradors were gun dogs. Teach him to shoot.
I actually got one pigeon whilst up there with the dog'n'quad combo. Pure coincidence, the dopey bird flew into the buckshot, there's no way that I was aiming at anything as I was shooting, literally, from the hip. The dog surprised the heck out of me by retrieving it.
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