Had my Specialized stolen, buying a new one and need help

Bad Boy or Crosstrail Sport

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  • Bad Boy 4

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I had a 2013 Specialized Crosstrail Sport Disc, and thought it was decent. The gears and breaks were reliable, the ride was generally smooth, my only gripe was that sometimes it felt a little too heavy but I could cope quite happily with it.

That bike got stolen and now I'm looking at the 2015 (£550) model, but my attention has also been drawn to the Cannondale Bad Boy 4 2015 (£550). My type of riding is predominantly on less than favourable city streets but being able to go on country tracks and paths is a must from my bike. If I were to get the Bad Boy I'd probably put a 35c knobbly tyre on the front rim (I'm not even sure how good of an idea that is?).


But my main question is which bike out of the two would you recommend for my needs? And is the Bad Boy good value? I've noticed a lot of the components are the same as the Specialized and wondered why the Specialized is the same price when it has hydraulics and suspension...

Any help or other suggestions would be hugely appreciated.


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Suspension will be quite basic and heavy I would imagine, personally I'd go for the Cannondale from those two.

Doubt you'd need suspension for the kind of riding you describe, like you say some slightly wider knobbly tyres should be enough.


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Thanks for the replies.

I went to try the bad boy out and whilst I loved its weight, the gears and breaks were less responsive than my old Crosstrail Sport so the Bad Boy is out of the question.

Now I've found a couple of second hand bikes that I'm hopefully going to go for one or the other. The Specialized Crosstrail Comp (which is essentially a lighter frame and better components than my old bike) or the Boardman Team Hybrid (carbon fork)

My question now is whether the Boardman is a good idea, these bikes are put together by Halfords staff who have got a poor reputation but the bikes (exclusively sold by Halfords) have got amazing reviews... What do you think?

I have to travel 40 miles to collect either bike

Hmm tricky one.


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Boardman are excellent bikes and I have had 3 all built by halfords staff, without issue.
However, there is nothing stopping you buying the bike boxed and having it built elsewhere.
Thanks for the advice, the bike I will be buying is s/h £450, seller claims it's done 20 miles and wants to sell for a MTB.

It's their large 21" frame, I'm 6' 4", is that a good size for me do you know? I feel like the Specialized will be more of a thief target but it also seems to have somewhat better components minus the forks; http://www.specializedconceptstore.co.uk/crosstrail-comp-disc/27459/14crosstrail


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Look at Whyte bikes if wanting disc brakes :smile:

If buying from Halfords, join British cycling, get 10% off and some other indispensable benefits for £34 off a year


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I think I'm going to go for the Specialized Crosstrail Comp 2014, I assume if I wanted to change the forks down the line it's not going to be too much of a problem? I know very little about modding bikes as you might have guessed
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