Hadrians Cycleway - Experiences?


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Whilst on recover I am looking to find the 2014 'CREAM' challenge. For the past 3 years a few chaps at work & myself have jollied off and done a walk, 2011 was a stroll up Scafell Pike, 2012 Snowdon, 2013 Ben Nevis.
This year we were going to walk Hadrians Wall, but someone suggested we cycle it. Had a read of one of the sites, but has anyone on here done the full 174 ish mile route, and mind sharing their experiences?


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It's one of the easier coast to coast routes though there are not that many camp sites on the route. Don't expect to see too much of the wall because the route is rarely adjacent to it. However there are some great Roman Villa reconstructions at Vindolanda and Sout/North Shields - I can't remember which one.
Been walking and riding it since Hadrian was a lance jack trying to shove his nose up the sergeants A. Start at Ravenglass if cycling or Bowness on Solway if walking, that way you have the wind behind you plenty of B&Bs and a few hostels. The hardest walking bit is from Greenhead to Twice Brewed. Your never far from buses or trains at any time and hordes of walkers in season.You can avoid Newcastle if you just want a country walk but it has it's points and it is flat. Me self I never tire of it and am still finding odd of course routes on the bike and foot.


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I ride part of it to work every day, have organised a couple night rides that use the route between Carlisle and Newcastle based on the route, and rode the whole route in 2010.

It's the easiest of the main coast-2-coast routes (though 40 miles longer). It also stays closer to towns than routes such as the C2C which means that there are a few more options if you choose to use B&Bs/Hotels. There is a good description, and set of photos from the entire route on the route's website - http://www.cycle-routes.org/hadrianscycleway/

Like many parts of the country it's a bit battered and bruised along the coast here at the moment. The storms have done some damage to the Seascale-Sellafield path which was being assessed by Sustrans a couple days back, and the B5300 (and I's assume the cycle path next to it) is currently flooded between Maryport and Silloth.
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google sustrans route 72 the hadrian cycleway, theres loads of info there.
i did it 2010 alone was my first tour lol didnt plan it ! took a cheap tent ect, had a great time n ereryone i met was friendly welcoming and helpfull along the way.
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