Half Day Friday are back !


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Half day Friday is back until Thanksgiving when business gets crazy again. So today the temp was a nice 63 degrees and it was time for my first ride home from work this year. The fun part is the hills start almost right after I start peddling, so no time to get the legs warmed up. So it was a good little suffer fest until I got loose and the legs agreed to play. I guess it's just taking longer to get the engine going as I get older, but I'm still having a ton of fun even though I'm slower. Oh ya I then pull a bonehead move and take my eyes off the road for a bit and almost go down. Thank goodness I still have cat like reflexes :laugh:.
First Bike Ride Home after Work 2021 - YouTube


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I'd hate to be forced to work as much as half a day a week!


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good thing the tire didn't tear. well done w/ the roadside flat. change the tube? is that your LBS at the end? I shud go buy something from mine
I was surprise I didn't ruin the tire, and just threw another tube in. I try and support the local shops (2) as much as i can.
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