Happy St George's Day


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Went for a ride on my made in England bike, well the frame was and a couple of other bits. Lol
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I will be celebrating the day that a Greek soldier in the Roman army serving in Palestine killed the last recorded actual live dragon shortly after converting to a new fangled religious sect, with kebab and a perky little Veneto white.
I had a little bet to myself as to how long it would be before someone would be along with a comment along those sort of lines.
I was thinking it might run 6 posts or more.
You couldn't even let it run to 2 replies.
Have a coconut. :rolleyes:


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Happy St Georges Day :cheers:, it's also my wedding anniversary which is quite handy , because you normally get a reminder or 2 a few days before :laugh: 25 years this year though, so had a bit of a do at the weekend & no chance of forgetting. Reckon 25 years ago we'll have been partying till around 2am, this year I'll be at work till around 2am :blush:


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From wikipedia
Saint George is described as a prophetic figure in Islamic sources. George is venerated by some Christians and Muslims because of his composite personality combining several Biblical, Quranic and other ancient mythical heroes
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