Has anyone got a Cateye Adventurer cycle computer and is it any good?

I have always liked to be able to see my m ascended when I am touring – many years ago the computer I was using got washed out in a big thunderstorm and I popped into a bike shop in Albertville and came away with a Cateye ATC100 bike altimeter just in time for my first ever big col.

The cateye lasted for years and it realistically counted up the m I climbed – if on the map it said I had climbed a 1000m then the computer registered at least a 1000m – it eventually fell apart after being dropped n+1 times – it was replaced with a wireless VDO bike altimeter which apart from not counting the m very well had a habit of losing the wireless connection and turning itself off – fell out of favour and I have gone over to cheap wired non altimeter models – however I saw an advert for the Cateye Adventurer and wonder if is as good as my old ATC100 – I have the yen for one but an acute fear of being disappointed.

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Fancy one myself - don't know of any shops that have them in yet - only one would commit to an in-stock date - yesterday. I've downloaded the manual from Cateye - it looks as baffling as the current wireless Strada I have. I have gps on my phone but much prefer a glance at the bars to see how high I am ...
Merci Beucoup - I will have to download the manual myself - give me at least some sort of clues about it - The ATC100 manual I seem to remember explained things like how it calculated m ascended
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