Has anyone organised a charity ride? if so-how?


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I am 68 next week and decided to do a 68 mile ride (sometime in May).

Someone said to me "why don't you do it for charity"?

I'm not committed as yet but...........I have no idea how people go about it.
As an (official) old fart I am a technophobe.
I am on facebook but only do the basics e.g. read some of the stupid s@+^t people write and occassinally post something.
Any ideas??????


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You can set up a fundraising site such as Just Giving .
Sign up then email all your nearest and dearest giving them the link and away you go.
Get in touch with your favourite charity, they will send you info on what to do, they are really helpful and very grateful. I have raised money for cancer research, guide dogs, Yorkhill hospital and RMCC Yorkhill and they have all been excellent with their info and promo materials


I would say this wouldn't I .... BUT you'd be far more effective entering a charity ride rather than trying a solo effort - an organised ride has greater credibility for your potential donors to contribute.

Now the sales pitch : have a look at www.macride-events.org.uk for some options/ideas. [The BIG thing to consider is how much of the money you spend on entering and fundraising actually goes to the charity .... our events, for example, are run by unpaid volunteers and have some generous sponsors with supplies and services etc - meaning that our costs are very low ... increasing the amount we send to Macmillan Cancer Support]

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